We have developed numerous mechanisms for you to effectively Schedule and Dispatch your technicians. Each mechanism provides you with different insights into your work in progress.

Here are 10 points to note:

    1. CREATE ORDER: Double click anywhere on the calendar to create work orders. 

    2. SCHEDULES (visits): Schedules are displayed by the color you have assigned to your Technician. Each work order may be listed multiple times depending on the number of Schedules in a work order.

    3. Schedules

    4. DAY, WEEK, WORK WEEK or MONTH: Each view displays the work order in different formats.

    5. Each view displays

    6. FILTERS: Adjust which work orders you want to view on the calendar. It is often desirable to only view certain Technicians or Work Groups. Click on the orange filter button to expand the left panel.

    7. FILTERS

    8. DRAG and DROP schedules to easily assign to a different Technician or to a different Date/Time.

    9. COMPLETED SCHEDULES (visits) are marked with a check box.


    11. CLOSED ORDERS orders are marked with a check box and strike-through.

    12. closed- rders

    13. DAYS OFF: Days off are displayed on the calendar to avoid incorrectly assigning a work order.

    14. Days off

    15. UNASSIGNED WORK ORDERS: These orders are displayed in the left panel. Drag and drop to schedule them.


    17. CUSTOMIZE your calendar with your business hours and other settings. From the left panel go to Settings-> Company-> Calendar Settings.

    18. Calendar Settings