Edit Work Order

The work order screen has 3 main sections (DETAILS, SCHEDULES, INVOICE)

  • DETAILS section: This section provides basic information about the work order description and a text box for the technician to record the work resolution. There are numerous customization drop-down lists and text boxes to capture relevant information about the work orders.
  • Edit Work Order

    • Customizable Drop-Down List: Use these drop-down lists to classify and group work orders.

    • Job Type: Example “Heating”, “Plumbing” or “Residential”, “Commercial

    • Secondary Status: Your Technician selects the status based on the work that was done. Example “Customer not available”, “Waiting on parts” etc. from the field.

    • Class: This list is imported from your QuickBooks. Class gets transposed into your invoice in QuickBooks.

    • Marketing Campaign: This is a unique list which provides you the flexibility of also changing the name to whatever suits your operations.

    • Priority: Add or change this list to include your own priority categories.

    • Customizable Text Boxes: Name your own Text Boxes to capture what may be relevant for your work orders. Example P.O. Num, Serial Number, etc.

  • SCHEDULES (visits): Schedule your Technicians to perform the work. Add multiple visits to the same work order.
    • Your technician records the actual time they worked through the Field Promax Mobile App.

    Edit Work Order

    • Complete checkbox: The technician checks Complete when the visit done.

    • Approve: checkbox: Te administrator checks the Approve check box. This prevents the technician from making further changes to his time.

    • Billable check box: Based on the hourly rate the total amount is calculated and a labor line item is added in the INVOICE section. (Often you charge your customer a flat rate for labor. In such cases, uncheck the Billable check box, which removes the labor line item from the INVOICE)

  • INVOICE: There are 2 types of line items in the Invoice.

    • Labor: The labor line item is added automatically from the SCHEDULE section.

    • Products: Add Products (materials) that were used for the job.


  • Bottom Section: In the section below view your Images, Documents, Expenses, Equipment, and Amount Received.

  • Amount Received

    • Expenses: Through this module your technician may record expenses and upload a receipt.
    • Equipment: Through this module you can track your customers equipment or your own rental equipment.
    • Upload Images: Your technicians may upload before and after images from their mobile app.
    • Upload Documents: Upload PDF documents for your job. Download and view from the mobile app.
    • Job Type List: Create custom check list for your Technicians.
    • Record Payments. View payment details in this section.

  • ACTIONS button: You can perform several actions from this button.

  • Delete Order

    • Send to QuickBooks: This closes the work order and automatically generates an invoice in QuickBooks
    • PDF As Invoice: This generates a PDF with all the pertinent information about the work order.
    • PDF as Work Order: This contains the same information as PDF as Invoice, but the prices are hidden. Send this version to your customers as a documentation of work complete.
    • Close Only: With this action, you close a work order without generating an invoice in QuickBooks
    • Cancel Order: Cancelling a work order places the work order under the Cancelled Work Orders tab.
    • Copy Order: Use this functionality to copy an existing work order to another customer.
    • Delete Order: This permanently deletes a work order.

    Your technicians are notified by email and text message when a work order has been assigned to them.Click here to view the complete Field Promax Mobile App tutorial.Using the Mobile App, technician fills in the following information.

      1. Resolution and other text boxes.
      2. Actual Start and End times.
      3. Adds Products (material) used.
      4. Collects customer signature, uploads before and after images
      5. Marks the work order as Complete.