Create Estimate

From the left panel menu, click on the “Create Estimate” button. When an Estimate is created, it is automatically given a status of “Pending for Approval”.

The Estimate Screen: This screen has 3 main sections. DETAILS, PRODUCTS and OPTIONAL ITEMS.

  • DETAILS: This section provides basic information about the Estimate such as the description of the work, Job Type, contact information etc.
    Create Estimate

  • PRODUCTS: In this section you add the products (Labor and Material) for the estimate. Adjust the Price, Qty and Markup as required. PRODUCTS

  • OPTIONAL PRODUCTS: Use this option for upselling to your customer. A good example would be to provide a discounted price for Annual inspection or Maintenance. This gives your customer the opportunity to add the optional products to the estimate during customer approval.

  • Bottom Section: In the section below you can view your Images and Request changes.
  • Images and Request changes

    Your Estimate is now ready to be sent to your customer for approval.