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Field Promax vs. Servicemax Software

Field Promax Dashboard

The world today runs on digital power. From running large organizations to taking care of our household chores– we rely on some kind of technology to get the job done. It is only natural that businesses too are trying to harness the power of digital technology to reach the next level. Similarly, the Field Service Industry is also expanding its horizons. As customer expectations increase, the technological demands of the field are growing simultaneously. As a result, all kinds of service providers are leaning towards field service software. It is an efficient digital tool to optimize operations and generate revenue. No wonder the popularity of field service software is skyrocketing these days.

Various field service companies, including electrical contractors, HVAC service providers, and Flaggers are now using field service software to bridge and enhance their field and office work simultaneously. What was once a unique competitive advantage has now become a commonplace market practice. Subsequently, several companies have come up with their own products to offer field service businesses an effective digital solution. But choosing the right fit for your business is always a challenging task.

To help you with the challenge, we bring you a head-to-head comparison between Field Promax and Servicemax software – two of the most popular field service management software today. Field Promax is one of the leading field service software that works with various industries, managing their work orders and streamlining their business flow. On the other hand, ServiceMax is another established field service-based software that has helped various industries improve service execution and focus on asset management.

The blog gives you a comprehensive insight into the difference between the two software and helps you understand their functionalities better.

Features Field Promax ServiceMax


It is a Field Service Software that streamlines work orders, schedules & dispatches technicians, creates estimates and invoices, and manages other business components on the same platform. It provides customers repetitive services based on their requirements with just one click.

It is a service execution management software that is used in both field service management and asset service management. Essentially, it is a CRM platform collaborated with Salesforce that provides asset-centric field service optimization.

Access to Information

Field Promax provides technicians with accurate information regarding the scheduled work order like the customer information, type of work, required assets, etc. The technicians are provided only with the necessary information in connection with their field service.

Asset 360 provides critical information regarding asset entitlement, maintenance history, contract coverage, location, subcomponent attributes, etc., to users like field technicians or contract managers. The management can scrutinize the information to be visible for authorized personnel only for security purposes.

Accounting Management

Field Promax provides Invoices and Estimates templates that technicians can use right from the field. It helps keep a record of all the expenses, field service, and working hours.

The software helps prevent revenue leakage through proper management of contracts and warranties. They also provide customizable templates for the warranty and contracts to help generate profitable revenue streams.


Field Promax features exclusive QuickBooks Online Integration, offering a two-way sync. The systems can exchange customer databases and have access to their projects along with the invoice details, thus eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

ServiceMax is commonly used in tandem with Salesforce, which is a CRM platform ensuring seamless connection between the customers and employees. It features functionalities such as workflow creation, customer management, collaboration tools. Customer engagement tools, opportunity tracking, etc.

Mobile App

The Field Promax mobile app comes with similar features on the website software. However, the mobile version has added features that increase technician productivity.

They can update their work hours and job status, keep track of their schedule, and add items used in the job to the invoice using the app. Field Promax Mobile App allows monitoring technicians on the field in real-time via GPS Tracking, capturing fieldwork images for proof, generating invoices from the field, tracking working hours, and much more.

The ServiceMax software comes with a turnkey mobile app called the ServiceMax Engage which allows organizations and industries to use the software to connect to their customers, operators, owners, etc. It aims to improve customer experience and manage digital asset data. The mobile app serves organizations by helping them maintain accurate asset data, help customer demands for self-service and a transparent service process.

Remote Collaboration

Field Promax mobile app enhances communication between team members from the field to the office as well as within the field. It helps with Team Management and allows team leaders to keep a check on their members on the field based on their performance, attendance, working hours, etc. The mobile is integrated with time cards to track working hours and features to track previous equipment used on the field.

Another feature included in ServiceMax mobile app is the Zinc Intelligent Remote Service. It helps technicians connect with the back office like the management via call (audio or video), hotline, broadcasts, etc., for emergency support or clarifications right from the field.

Product Highlight

Field Promax is exclusively known for its Scheduling and Dispatching. Users can schedule work orders on the calendar and appoint the respective technician based on their availability with just a drag and drop. Notifications are sent via SMS or the app to customers and the technicians before dispatch.

The sync between Asset 360 and Salesforce Field Service provides optimized scheduling and dispatching without integration. It provides accurate information like scheduling actions, a Gantt chart, a map, and an interface for the dispatcher to complete his work order effectively

Performance Analysis

Field Promax is equipped with reports and dashboards features to help understand the progress of the industries. It provides detailed graphs based on the daily, weekly, and monthly reports from different sectors like customer response, work orders, estimates, invoices, payments, etc.

ServiceMax also helps understand performance metrics and track them to help alter and improve service operations. They provide highly configurable dashboards to help companies become more proactive and make better decisions with minimal risks.

Platform Support



User Demography

Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises

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Both Field Promax and ServiceMax serve the field service industry to ensure a better working environment and service solution for their customers. They help enhance their user experience with easy tools and features. However, there are certain differences between these two. It is evident that Field Promax and ServiceMax work to focus on different factors, the former primarily helps to enhance the potential of the companies by streamlining their work orders and managing all their field service aspects. ServiceMax, on the other hand, focuses on managing its customer relationships with an asset-centric approach.

Another significant difference between Field Promax and ServiceMax is that the former is integrated with QuickBooks accounting software. The latter, on the other hand, does not offer any accounting software integration. This means if you are to conduct your work order management and accounting operation together from one platform, Field Promax is the obvious choice for you.

It is also important to remind you that the advantage of Field Promax lies in its simplicity. It simply exists to eliminate your pain points. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to operate the software; neither do you need to spend days training your employees how to use the app. But you will be surprised to find out the number of intricate tasks involving your business it takes care of, that too at an affordable price. You can just go ahead and try the FREE DEMO to verify. And once you see for yourself, you will know why this is the best choice for your business.

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