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Reports & Dashboards

Leverage valuable insights to facilitate data-driven decision-making with Field Promax. Generate standard reports and analytics for finances and operations, get a 360-degree view of your workflow, and optimize your performance.



Dashboard: Captures Essentials

A standard range of reports to track and record every aspect of your business, including operations, finances, and timekeeping, can be easily obtained on the portal. All reports can be exported to Excel, giving you the flexibility to slice and dice your own data.
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Standard Reports

Standard Reports for Finances and Operations

The dashboard is dynamic and is updated in real time. It provides you with a snapshot of all the essential information to run an effective operation.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

At times, generic reports may not align perfectly with your unique requirements. In such instances, we specialize in crafting tailor-made reports to precisely meet your specific needs and preferences and help optimize your resources.

User activity

User Acitivity

Get live updates on your user’s activities as they happen in the field. Furthermore, visualize on a map where the activity has taken place.


Work Orders Insights

Dive into the details right from your dashboard


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