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HVAC Field Service Software

Field Promax is the best choice to streamline operations, increase productivity, and grow your HVAC business.

The most popular HVAC field service software, Field Promax, is tailor-made to fit all the specific needs of your HVAC business. From estimating to final invoicing—enjoy seamless automation for all your business processes on a single platform. Ensure your field teams are getting all the support they need out there in the field, and your executives are getting all the resources they need to facilitate smooth operations across departments. 


No more compromise with quality or features! Field Promax is designed to provide customized support to HVAC businesses, empowering your technicians to deliver the best service possible to your customers.


Here is what you can do with this cutting-edge software:

  • Create accurate estimates and send them directly to the customer for approval
  • Schedule the best technician available for the job and dispatch them with just a click
  • Monitor your field teams in real-time with our advanced GPS tracking technology
  • Manage your inventory with zero hassle
  • Get paid on the field online or with credit cards—directly with the mobile app
Customer History and Notes
Track your Customer’s Equipment

Quotes and Estimates

Quotes and Estimates

The first step to closing a deal is to come up with a winning estimate. Field Promax HVAC estimating software enables you to create, share, and share on the go, be it from your office or in the field.

  • Create and send estimates from both your computer and smartphone
  • Add items or modify estimates from the field
  • Let your customers approve the estimate on the same platform
  • Turn approved quotes into work orders with a click of a button

Scheduling & Dispatching​

Scheduling & Dispatching​

Repair, maintenance, inspection, or installation– all HVAC works require expert technicians. With the Field Promax HVAC dispatch software solution, you can assign the right technicians to the job and give them access to complete customer information so that they have everything to get the job done on the first try.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Calendar View to indicate technician availability
  • Easily reassign and reschedule
  • Avoid double booking, overbooking, or any other scheduling-related mismanagement
  • Improve first-time fix rate and team productivity with easy access to job details, notes, and attachments
  • Allow your field technicians to create invoices in the field to get paid instantly
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Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing

No more chasing after the customer to get paid on time. With our advanced billing and invoicing functionality, create and share invoices directly with your customers from the field. Field Promax also supports QuickBooks desktop and online integration that helps you create invoices with just a few clicks.

  • Professional, error-free invoices
  • Digital signature support
  • Record payments.
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Consistent payment cycle
Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes

Recurring Job Management

Recurring Job Management

Having a loyal customer base is the ultimate key to steady revenue generation. So, make sure you provide consistent, uninterrupted service to your customers. Field Promax HVAC software gives you an amazing job management feature to take care of your recurring job orders efficiently.

  • Automatic work order generation for repeat jobs
  • Text and email alerts for customers
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians as per availability and requirement
  • Notify technicians before the appointment
  • Cloud storage to organize your customer database for creating work orders and generating invoices with a click of a button
  • Avoid redundant data entry and double-entry errors



Make sure your resources are being used to their optimal potential with Field Promax. The time-tracking feature increases your billable hours by recording the right amount of time spent on the job. It also helps you to keep track of your technicians’ time. Once they hit the clock, it is not modifiable until payday.

  • Integrated time cards to record when your employees clock in or clock out
  • Only team leaders or administrators can approve and modify time cards
  • Keep track of your total billable hours and get paid fairly
  • Avoid conflict in invoicing over billable hour
  • Manage technician schedule better with the days off planner
Track your Customer’s Equipment

Few Things You Should Know

Field Promax streamlines scheduling and dispatching for HVAC service technicians by providing an efficient platform that optimizes job assignments, ensures the right technician is assigned to each task, and facilitates real-time communication between the office and the field.

Yes, Field Promax facilitates real-time communication between the office and field technicians, enhancing collaboration and ensuring timely updates on HVAC service jobs.

Yes, Field Promax offers digital work order management features, enabling HVAC businesses to create, track, and manage work orders efficiently, reducing paperwork and improving overall organizational workflow.

Field Promax facilitates efficient HVAC inventory management by providing tools for tracking stock levels, automating reordering processes, and offering visibility into inventory across multiple locations.

Yes, Field Promax streamlines the process of generating and managing invoices for HVAC services right from the job site, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Yes, Field Promax offers an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool that enhances relationships and facilitates service history tracking, allowing HVAC businesses to efficiently manage customer information, preferences, and historical service data.

Field Promax ensures mobile access for HVAC technicians with its dedicated mobile application powered by cloud technology, allowing them to access job details and update records on the go while also providing reporting tools for performance analytics to optimize operational efficiency.