Customer Portal

Provide your high impact customers with direct access to our customer portal. Give them the flexibility to create and edit their own work orders ensuring timeliness, accuracy and above all customer satisfaction.

Customer Portal

Customer History and Notes

Historical customer data provides for better customer interactions and analysis. Understand your customer history within minutes and serve them better. Leverage historical customer information to upsell.

Manage customer

Manage Your Customers with Field Promax’s Highly Advanced Client Management Software

A satisfied customer base is essential for the future of any service company. Companies that have good relations with their clients benefit through positive testimonials and recommendations from their clients. Field Promax is well aware of the importance of customer management for any business, and has therefore, designed a specific client management software for small businesses.

Most service sector companies have clients that turn to the same company every time there is a requirement. Therefore, it is crucial for the business to maintain existing clients and convert new clients to long-term clients. For this, it is necessary for companies always to have complete data of all previously completed work orders to refer to if the same client wishes to place a new order. However, this isn’t easy when employees and technicians may keep changing over time. Field Promax provides a solution for this issue in the form of a field service customer management tool.

Customer Portal

Keeping track of customer details has never before been so easy. With the Customer Portal, the Field Promax field service customer management tool allows you to feed information about your customer that you can refer to at any point in time.

Customer Lead Source

Part of growing your business is analyzing factors contributing to the boom or creating hurdles to your growth. By keeping track of customer source leads, you can specifically enhance the probability of gaining orders from similar sources. Field Promax allows you to collect and formulate this data.

Service Notification

A significant criterion that governs customer relationships with a company is the turnaround time to respond to customer requests and schedules. Field Promax automated service sends alerts based on customer service schedules so that you don’t miss any opportunity to impress your customers with your swift response and quality services.

Customer History and notes

A better understanding of a client’s previous interactions with the company aids in better communication and personal touch. Important aspects that were recorded at the same client’s earlier service site can be replicated to optimize work at the current ongoing sites. With a few clicks, Field Promax’s customer management software for small businesses gives you all of the information mentioned above, so you can spend less time scanning through old dusty files and more time in customizing your services to please your client.

Customer Templates

Field Promax realizes the importance of practicing dynamic pricing. The client management software allows you to refer to and mirror a similar template for the client for related services. Fields such as tax rate, labor costs, and more for a particular customer are recorded and maintained to build a long-term relationship between the customer and the business.


With automated Email Integration, you can respond to your clients effectively. Keeping your client updated about the advances in their projects is simplified through the Field Promax application. Field Promax aims to simplify your job so that you gain customer satisfaction and positive recommendations.

Direct Access to customers

Field Promax stands out with its unique feature that allows your high-impact customers to access your customer portal directly. Accessing the portal will enable them to create and edit their work orders. Giving customers this level of flexibility ensures timeliness and accuracy and further improves customer satisfaction.

Attach photos, signatures, videos

Various data formats are supported on the Field Promax customer management software for small businesses. Users can upload photos, videos of service sites of customers so that a clear picture can be drawn and understood by anyone present or not while the project is underway. Field Promax also makes authorization and acknowledgement easy by letting users upload digital signatures. By facilitating the process of acknowledgement and authorization, Field Promax increases the credibility of work done on the service site.

Summing Up

Customer satisfaction must be the foremost priority for any business; It is crucial in keeping your business growing and your customer base expanding. Field Promax mobile application that is available across all iOS and Android devices is a field service management application that aims to streamline service industry operations through digitalization. The app is highly user-friendly and easy to operate so that everyone from technicians to administrative team can understand and use its many features. With its intelligently designed features such as the client management software for small businesses, it facilitates client-related functions such as work order management, client records management, quick communication, client history, and preferences.

Whether your client is new or old, the client management application will ensure your client is never left unattended, and their requests are fulfilled in time. It also ensures that similar orders from the same client are customized based on previously collected data so that the client doesn’t have to repeat instructions over and over again.

In conclusion, Field Promax, with its research, has yet again served a simple solution to your complex client management issues in the form of this client management software.

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