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Pool Service Business Software

Field Promax offers you the easiest, fastest, and highest-value pool service business software to automate all your business processes

Streamline the mundane admin tasks and simplify your workflow with Field Promax. The tailor-made software solution for pool service businesses is designed to automate the unique business processes of a pool service company, helping you to enhance efficiency and increase productivity with minimum effort. 


From creating deal-winning estimates to creating flawless invoices and collecting payment online, Field Promax ensures end-to-end support for pool service businesses so they can focus on the more important tasks—-delivering best-in-class service to their customers and making more profits.

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Here is what you can do with this cutting-edge software:

  • Create estimates and send them for customer approval
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians for installation, maintenance, and inspection
  • Manage all your installation and customer information on a single platform 
  • Track employee time and monitor productivity
  • Create final invoices and collect payments in cash, online, or with credit cards instantly
Customer History and Notes
Track your Customer’s Equipment


Scheduling & Dispatching

Running an alarm installation business is nevertheless a hectic affair. You need to juggle between a hundred different tasks at any given point. This does not just include installation, maintenance, or repair at the customer’s place; you also need to take care of scheduling the best technician, creating the best estimate for the job, managing the inventory and paperwork in the best way possible, and so much more. Field Promax brings you the best automation tool to handle it all—on a single platform.

Here is what you can do with this cutting-edge software:
  • Schedule and dispatch the best technicians with just a click
  • Manage all your appointments on a comprehensive dashboard
  • Provide your field technicians with the best routing options to save time and gas money
  • Manage all your customer information and job details on the cloud
  • Access necessary information from your mobile device, regardless of where you are
  • Create final invoices and get paid online, right on the job site

Billing & Invoicing

Billing & Invoicing

Create accurate invoices and share them with customers on the go with Field Promax. It is the best pool business software to regularize and speed up your payment cycle.

  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Use the integrated customer database to create invoices with a single click
  • Avoid errors and conflicts in the final invoice
  • Keep track of operations costs
  • Charge different prices to different customers with the custom pricing module
  • Collect online payment
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Customer Management

Customer Management

Provide your customers with the convenience and flexibility to reach out to you and ensure the best-in-class customer experience with the best pool scheduling software.

  • With the link provided by Field Promax, let your clients directly ask for quotes via your website
  • Turn approved estimates into work orders and schedule appointments with a click
  • Share images as proof and update job status
  • Alert customers before scheduled appointments
  • Promptly inform about the rescheduling of appointments or changes in the work orders
  • Get the invoices approved with digital signatures
Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes

Reports and Dashboard

Reports and Dashboard

Field Promax efficiently offers valuable insights and analytics that can help you deliver a fully connected field service experience. The comprehensive reports and analytics provided by the smart pool business software could be instrumental for your business operations.

  • Easy view of calendars, schedules, work orders, and finances in one single platform
  • Customization as per your business needs
  • Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
  • All reports can be exported to Excel

Dynamic Team Management

Quotes & Estimates

Take control of your operations with the  team management feature from Field Promax Software. Our cutting-edge pool service software allows you to easily manage user rights and create admins to control access to databases. Keep an audit trail of all interactions and work statuses during the lifecycle of work orders.

  • Assign team leaders with access to the team database for organized operations
  • Assign crew leads to track and update time for the crew members
  • Give your technicians supervised access to job order details for improved first-time fixed rates
  • Allow customers to view their work orders and stay updated on job progress
  • Customize security settings to match your process needs
Track your Customer’s Equipment

Few Things You Should Know

Field Promax automates invoicing and provides real-time updates on job statuses, minimizing administrative burdens for pool service businesses.

Absolutely. Field Promax streamlines scheduling, ensuring optimal route planning and resource allocation for timely pool service appointments.

Field Promax includes inventory management features that help you track stock levels and automate supply ordering, preventing stockouts and delays.

Field Promax includes customer communication tools and automated reminders, ensuring timely updates and proactive communication for improved customer satisfaction.

Field Promax incorporates compliance features, helping you stay up-to-date with industry regulations, certifications, and safety standards and ensuring your business operates within legal and professional boundaries.