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Computer Service Management Software

The All-in-One Computer Service Management Software for Companies of All Sizes

Are chaotic operations getting in the way of your business growth? Switch to Field Promax and you’re all set to reach your goals with minimum effort. Our cutting-edge computer service management software helps all kinds of computer service organizations to facilitate efficient team management, job management, scheduling, billing, and customer service. Take advantage of the latest technology and watch your profits soar.

Software for Computer Service Business
Lawn Care Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling & Dispatching

Rule out any chance of mismanagement with Field Promax. Our latest technology and super easy-to-use features simplify scheduling with just a click of a button. Field Promax is effectively built to streamline your business operations and manage your field teams like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, with our powerful mobile app, you can stay on top of your business from anywhere.

  • Easily drag and drop jobs in your calendar
  • Notify and dispatch team members in real-time
  • Provide field technicians with necessary job detail
  • Quickly assign and reschedule your technicians to new jobs
  • Send customers texts and e-mail notifications

Customer Management

Enhance your customer experience with our advanced customer management feature. Provide them direct access to your services through Field Promax computer service management software where they can directly ask you for quotes, services, and emergency job requests.

  • Take advantage of customer history and databases
  • Alert clients with texts and emails before scheduled appointments
  • Share images as proof of work
  • Let them ask for estimates directly via your website by the link provided by Field Promax
Team Management
Report and dashboard for HVAC Marketing

Reports and Dashboard

Field Promax computer repair business software efficiently allows organizations to deliver a fully connected field service experience, deriving insights that can help you drive key business processes. The comprehensive reports and analytics we provide could be instrumental in your business operations

  • Easy view of calendars, schedules, work orders, and finances in one single platform
  • Customization as per your business needs
  • Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
  • All reports can be exported to Excel

Billing and Invoicing

Regularizing the payment cycle is the most crucial aspect of your profit growth. Now, you can accept and manage payments with Field Promax and in turn, speed up your payment cycle. It enables you to create, edit, and track invoices on the go. It is the best access control system for small businesses to regularize and speed up the payment cycle.

  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Avoid errors and conflicts in the final invoice
  • Use the integrated customer database to create invoices with a single click
  • Keep track of operations costs
  • Charge different prices to different customers with the custom pricing module