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Lawn Care Software Service

At home, at the office, in the neighbourhood of the hotel arena, you make the lawns blend into their environment and make them belong. Irrespective of whose lawn or where the lawn is, you do an absolute job of making them look sleek and appetizing to the eye. Here is where we at Field Promax relate with you. Irrespective of where you are, your experience with technology, Field Promax can make your business look cool and sleek with its outstanding features with the lawn care software. The lawn field can grow up your knees before you know it; maintaining it and keeping it in shape is a skilful and exciting job. Mowing those lawns to create a whole new experience for your clients and customers is similar to giving them a groomed environment to live in. While you organise the lawns for your clients, Field Promax would love to manage your business schedules and data for you. Make your customers happy, and let us make you happy.


Equipment Tracking

The lawnmower is not very heavy equipment and would not go missing that easily. However, there are cases when you can forget to bring along or have the right set of tools needed for lawn maintenance. There may be instances where the same device is required in different places, but the quantity is minimal. To know where the tools are, what they are used for and who is handling them, the field promax equipment tracker is quite handy. To avoid confusion and on-field mishandle, it is essential to be prepared with the necessary equipment while dispatching the technician. In case of an emergency, the equipment tracker can direct the technician to where the tool was previously used, who it belonged to and other details for easy access. The equipment can be borrowed, rented, belong to the client or even the personal property of the technician; any information regarding the equipment is updated into the tracking information for future references.

  • Find the needed equipment immediately.
  • Heavy or light, keep track of the equipment used for future work order references.
  • Attach the used equipment information to the invoices.
Equipment Tracking Software
Calender View Interface for Alarm Systems

Calendar view

The lawns have a brain of their own and grow back so quickly like you never mowed them. To keep the lawn grass under control and make sure they look excellent at all times, the lawn care service is a great companion. The lawn business can view their schedules and dispatches all in one place with the lawn care software calendar view feature from Field Promax. You can use it as an organiser for your technicians and avoid confusion like double booking or overbooking your technicians. Drag and drop your technicians on the exact date and time you want them to accomplish their lawn duties and highlight them with color for easy recognition. The calendar can be viewed according to your preference by days, week, or month. Alter your calendar view and be updated with your business schedules.

  • Have an organised view of all your schedules.
  • Maintain a colorful calendar with all your meetings and updates.
  • Share your calendar view with your employees and teams making it easier to notify about group meetings.

Recurring orders

Lawn mowing is never a one time job. Hence your business has a high chance of repeated orders. Take this opportunity to introduce the Field Promax recurring feature where the clients can receive repeated services on the due time and hour with just one click. They don’t have to request a service each time their lawn gets bushy; instead, wake up to a clear lawn with your on-time recurring lawn care services. The systematic order option serves time and makes it more accessible.

  • A loophole to satisfy customers with on-time field service
  • Recurring services are the assurance of permanent membership
  • Field Promax helps get work orders for tomorrow and customers for eternity.
Equipment Tracking Software
Team management app

Team management

With the increased demand for lawnmowers, your business keeps buzzing in and out with work orders. Field Promax can help sort out the chaos of scheduling and dispatching with its team management features. You can divide technicians into teams based on locations, skill levels and experience. Give technicians assorted colours for identification. Team leaders can track the progress of their members, assign work orders based on their capabilities and handle work orders rightly. This can avoid the hassle if an urgent work order, cancellations, and other work-related issues arise. Manage your team, build teamwork and help your business grow together.

  • Field Promax is the best platform for team building.
  • Monitor the performances of your team, direct and encourage them.
  • Create teams on different aspects and make assigning of responsibilities easier.

The lawn service helps busy families and acre landowners to keep their place organised and marshal. The business has done a great job in accumulating large work orders and satisfying their clients. Uniting with Field Promax, your lawn business is sure to bloom in no time. You can not only arrange your field but also arrange your business on the track to heights. Field Promax provides various features for your business to attain and keep your business lawn smooth.