• Generate Invoices from the Field

    When the work is completed, email the details as an Invoice (which shows prices) or as a Work Order (which does not show prices) directly from our mobile app.

  • Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

    When the work is completed, you can post and close to automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks. This keeps your current process intact and all billing still remains consolidated within QuickBooks.

  • Custom Pricing

    With our custom pricing module you have the flexibility of charging different prices for the same product to different customers. This becomes handy when you have negotiated contract prices with certain customers.

  • Expense and Mileage tracking

    Technicians can track expenses and mileage within the work order. Sometimes the mileage is chargeable to the customer but technicians forget to record it. With expense tracking, you have the ability to track and reimburse your technicians with any unexpected expenses that they may incur.

Invoicing in 123… with Field Promax
Invoices are the bridge between you and your customer, which guarantees a smooth and swift payment process. Field Promax’s field management system automates the invoicing process, which ensures –
  • -Accurate invoices without human error
  • -Safety by storing sensitive financial data in the cloud
  • -Makes billing paperless
  • -Instant delivery of invoices which brings you payments quickly
  • -Smooth auditing
  • -24/7 access to financial data
  • -Makes accounting effortless by syncing QuickBooks
  • -Customization of invoices with special rates super easy
  • A perfect invoice is a secret to achieving high customer satisfaction!
Frequently Asked Questions.

Field Promax is a powerful platform that streamlines your entire service business operations. Using Field Promax’s software and mobile app, you can schedule and dispatch jobs, create estimates, manage recurring jobs, monitor  your crew with time keeping and GPS tracking, spend less time invoicing, and manage customers. With Field Promax, daily operations are conducted with efficiency and accuracy.

Field Promax is used by a multitude of industries.  Leading the charge are HVAC, Home security services, Electrical services, Landscaping services, Pest control services, Garage door services, IT services, and more.  View our website to get a complete listing of all the industries we serve.

Yes, we call it “hand-holding for on-boarding.” It means we are here to lend a helping hand to guide you to become a part of our family. Field Promax is easy to use instead of other products in the market. Since it’s a challenge to adapt to new software, we have gone miles out of our reach to ensure that our customers are accustomed to the software in the first attempt itself. The mobile app is so efficient that it will take only 10 minutes to set up and start working.

With Field Promax, you can manage and run your field service business from the field or the office. This option allows you to manage emergency calls, reschedule technicians, or assign available ones. Field Promax gives you a clear view of all the scheduled orders and technicians, making it easier to make changes in the schedules in case of emergencies.

Field Promax is a cloud-based software that runs on desktop and mobile apps. The software requires an internet connection to function. However, it does not consume so much data.

It’s simple! Once you open the Field Promax website, click on Login at the right corner of the page. You can then click on Sign in if you don’t have an account.

Don’t worry. Since all your business data and files are uploaded and secured in the cloud, you can retrieve it all. If your devices crash or get lost, you can still access your documents through the cloud.