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Team Management

With dynamic team management, a crew member may work for multiple crew leads and the system still assures accuracy and accountability.
Track your Customer’s Equipment

Team Leads

Team Leads

As the lead of a team, you are given access to not only the work orders that belong to you, but also all the work orders that belong to the members of your team.

Filter Calendar

Filter Calendar by Teams

Manage your dispatch calendar by using Work Group filters. 

Customer History and Notes
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Multiple Technicians

Dispatch Multiple Technicians to The Same Work Order

Jobs require more than one technician over multiple days to complete the work. Field Promax provides the perfect mechanism to capture all the hours spent by each technician each day.

This provides accurate billing by accounting for all the hours that were spent on each job.

Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes

Automatic Notification

Automatic Email and Text Notifications for Your Team

Automatically notify your technicians when there are schedule changes. This eliminates miscommunications and dropped appointments.

Track Your Team

Track Your Team As They Progress Through The Day

Using GPS tracking, monitor how your work orders are being processed throughout the day.

Customer History and Notes

Field Team Management

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Field Service Business Guidance

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