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Dynamic Team Management

With dynamic team management, a crew member may work for multiple crew leads and the system still assures accuracy and accountability.

Team Management
Team Lead Management

Crew Lead Management

With this option, Crew Leads are given the responsibility of capturing time and materials. Crew Leads work with the mobile app, whereas Crew Members communicate through text messaging.

Team Lead Management

With this option, Team Leads are given access to all the work orders that are assigned to his team for better visibility and mana

Manage Your Team Efficiently with Field Promax

Managing a team spread out in the field can present huge challenges. Some of the typical problems that you may face would be delays, difficulty in having real-time updates, recording the efficiency and productivity of your staff, and keeping records and paperwork up to date. These challenges prompt the need for an efficient app to manage the team on the field and to keep a check on the completion of the job.