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Multiple Calendar Views

Multiple calendar views, color coding and customizations
Multiple calendar views, color coding, and customizations View all your work orders through versatile calendar views that offer enhanced visibility into your technicians’ schedules. Gain a thorough understanding of each technician’s agenda, encompassing daily, weekly, and monthly assignments. Leverage different color codes for technicians to assess their availability, ensuring efficient dispatching effortlessly. Stay informed with real-time updates as work progresses.

Technician Calendar

Calendar View—Displayed by Color Codes for Technicians

Explore a dynamic perspective for field service management, where work orders are elegantly showcased through customized colors assigned to each technician. Effortlessly navigate the calendar, offering the flexibility to view it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Job Status Calendar

Calendar View—Displayed by Job Status

Track job status easily with automatic color codes. It changes automatically as soon as the technician updates the status, making it easier for managers and dispatchers to identify pending, ongoing, and completed tasks at a glance.

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Map Views Calendar

Calendar View—Displayed With Map for Route Optimization

Reduce the miles your technicians drive and the time they spend to get to a job site. Visually optimize your routes through the drag-and-drop functionality.


Days Off Calendar

Calendar View—With Day-Off Planner

Plan your PTO and vacation on the day-off planner, which integrates with your calendar. This amazing feature ensures that your technician’s days off are honored and work orders are scheduled as per your available resources.


Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration

Field Promax makes it possible to connect all your work order management apps together, including Google Calendar, to help streamline your workflow and keep you on top of your work schedule at all times.


Drag and Drop Schedules

Effortlessly manage extensive teams and multiple schedules by seamlessly dragging and dropping them into the calendar. Organize technicians based on their skill levels or work groups with ease. Never lose sight of unassigned work orders and make the most of resources to get more profit.

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