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These industries also run inspections in public spaces and requested residentials to ensure and guarantee the people’s safety. Some of the services provided by the fire and security industries are fire and security, installation, risk assessment, accredited testing, monitoring, service, maintenance, and more.

Fire damages are inevitable, unpredictable, and very precarious at the same time. Its effects and danger can cause burns and even lead up to death. To help the fire and security industry find their destinations, manage their crew, and digitally handle all their documents, they need a field service management software like Field Promax. A field service management software offers the fire and security industry the required resources like remote access management, customer care, 24/7 response, and time cards for working hour calculations, service and maintenance, and more. MANAGE THE WORKFLOW OF YOUR INDUSTRY FOR FREE



The Field Promax mobile app is integrated with time card features which allow the lead fire officer to log in and out the working hours of his team members. This saves and is more efficient since fire maintenance is not an easy job. Their job qualification includes various risks like alarm monitoring, risk assessments, security audit, installations, and more. At the same time, the lead technician in charge makes sure to update the total working hours for the entire team.

  • Save time and be more efficient on the field.
  • Get paid for every minute of your hard work.
  • Work hard and let Field Proma handle the rest
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Team management

Fire and Security is team-based work, and all team members need to be held accountable for their responsibilities. Field Promax is encompassed with features that enrich regular and productive communication among team members. The team assigned to a specific project or area can be located easily, managed, and monitored through the Field Promax mobile app. Members are sent message notifications on upcoming work orders and are also notified in case of emergencies, cancellations, or other work order information.

  • Build your team with better communication
  • Teamwork saves time and lives.
  • Monitor your subordinates through the Field Promax mobile app

GPS integration

The Field Promax mobile app is also integrated with GPS features that help the fire and security team find their customers on time. They can find their customers using the customer information provided on the Field Promax software. Field Promax has two-way sync with QuickBooks enabling increased customer data and better accounts. The GPS also shows fire and security technicians the road traffic and in-charge easier routes that can help save time and fuel.

  • Locate your customers quickly.
  • Avoid confusion on the road.
  • Calculate your travel hours efficiently.
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Mobile App

Irrespective of what kind of profession you belong to, the mobile phone is an inevitable part of your occupation. However, Field Promax has features that can turn your idle browsing into productive working hours. Through the Field Promax mobile app, the fire and security industry technicians can attain various functions like creating invoices, estimates, uploading documents to the cloud right from the field, and accepting or unacceptable work orders. It makes the field service more convenient and less of a pain. This SaaS-based software increases the mobility of your industry without a doubt.

  • Increase productivity with a few clicks
  • Manage the office from the field and the field from the office
  • Increase the mobility of your business.

Calendar View

The best way to manage your busy schedules and everyday responsibilities is to use every Field Promax resource. One of the prominent features offered by Field Promax is its calendar view. It allows users to view their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules organized by the organization. Schedules and dispatches can be drag and dropped for easier management along with the technicians assigned to it. The calendar also sends notifications regarding work order updates, cancellations, and recurring appointments.

  • View all your schedules and appointments in one place.
  • Get real-time reminders of your work orders.
  • Have an organized detail of your upcoming schedules and dispatches.

The fire and security department works tirelessly to ensure that all residential and commercial spaces are secured with the best quality and maintained fire protection. They provide quality service, and it’s time they receive a reward to ease their responsibilities with Field Promax. They can digitalize all their documents and files, access their required information from anywhere, update their time logs to get paid respectively, capture images and upload them to the software for future references, and more. The fire and security forces can lead the field with integrity while Field Promax has got its back both inside the office and outside on the field.