Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Create work order from your Desktop or Mobile

    A service business needs mobility to be profitable – you need to be on the field delivering services and gaining customers. Field Promax provides you the tools to run your business from the office or from the field.

  • Auto-generate work orders for Recurring work

    Recurring work orders not only strengthen long standing client relations but also generate recurrent monthly income. Field Promax allows you to define your recurrent schedule and recreates work orders accordingly automatically.

  • Service request from Your Website

    Provide flexibility to your customers to submit a service request right from your website. This is automatically populated into Field Promax for you to dispatch.

  • Text Messages for your Customers and Technicians

    Automatically inform your customers when technician is on the way to their house. Similarly notify your technicians via text or email of work orders assigned to them.

  • Customize work orders to Fit your needs

    Through numerous customizable text boxes and drop down list, categorize and organize your work orders to fit your business needs. Create check lists for your technicians so nothing gets missed.

Automate Scheduling and Dispatching
With Field Promax
Field Promax offers a holistic solution to businesses that struggle with managing teams that are mostly on the road. Scheduling and Dispatching are essential to keep businesses organized and efficient. Field Promax employs sophisticated field dispatch software to automate scheduling and dispatching helps businesses to
  • -Make scheduling fast and easy
  • -Keep a check on the location of their technicians, job site, movement, and more
  • -Reroute and cancel or adjust your team’s schedule easily
  • -Reduce operation cost and revenue leakage
  • -Get a view of your team’s schedule, which makes planning effortless and fool-proof
  • -Increase the workforce by including sub-contractors during the seasons of the rush.
Frequently Asked Questions.

Field Promax is a powerful platform that streamlines your entire service business operations. Using Field Promax’s software and mobile app, you can schedule and dispatch jobs, create estimates, manage recurring jobs, monitor  your crew with time keeping and GPS tracking, spend less time invoicing, and manage customers. With Field Promax, daily operations are conducted with efficiency and accuracy.

Field Promax is used by a multitude of industries.  Leading the charge are HVAC, Home security services, Electrical services, Landscaping services, Pest control services, Garage door services, IT services, and more.  View our website to get a complete listing of all the industries we serve.

Yes! Field Promax is the right software for your service business.  But don’t just take our word for it.  See it for yourself.  Check out what our customers have to say about our software and the service we provide on the QuickBooks App Center.

With Field Promax you can manage and run your field service business from the field or from the office.  Organize your work and keep your team connected.   Move to a paperless environment, schedule more jobs and get paid faster.  Train your technicians in 10 minutes and reduce your labor costs by 10%.

Of course! But don’t just take our word for it.  See it for yourself.  Check out what our customers have to say about our software and the service we provide on the QuickBooks App Center.

Field Promax integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Integrating with QuickBooks Online is fairly simple… just a few clicks and you are integrated. Integrating with QuickBooks Desktop is a bit more involved.  We provide you clear instructions on how to Integrate Field Promax with your QuickBooks Desktop.  But don’t worry; we are always there tohelp you through this process.

Do you own a field service business such as installation, repairs, maintenance or any other?! Or, doesyour business involve HVAC workers, utility inspectors, cable service professionals or some other field professionals? All types of field service businesses from window cleaning to plumbing face challenges interms of management. But, not anymore!

Field Promax is here to serve your business as the best field service management software tailored to your business model and its unique challenges. Your everyday business challenges like managing dynamic services, changing schedules, unsatisfied customers and other factors will get resolved with the integration of our field service management solution. Our solution serves with the promise of streamlining and automating your tasks and enhancing the productivity of executives. That way, your executives can focus more on business growth instead of managing repetitive tasks.

Our Field service management solution integrates multiple functions together, so you get a unified platform to schedule and monitor your field operations. Our solution goes beyond the fundamental features to deliver truly valuable benefits for your business. Advanced programs created for field service management take care of scheduling and dispatching, estimates, timekeeping, GPS tracking, customer management, team management, reports and a lot more.

We have invested our years of expertise and top-level resources into this service business management software. Our software has been built for businesses that involve a lot of fieldwork. Our solution is capable of helping you go paperless to manage each and every aspect of your field service business.

You should get our software solution if you wish to acquire all these features:

Scheduling and Dispatching

Our solution lets you generate work orders right from your mobile phone or desktop. You can automate recurring work orders and use service requests added through your website by customers to generate work orders. Along with that, work order creation becomes possible from emails, and customer portals as well. Plus, you can send email notifications and texts to your customers and technicians.


Our software allows easy integration with QuickBooks on both Online and Desktop versions. That way, you can sync all your products and customer lists. Then, use QuickBooks to generate invoices automatically.

Mobile App

We give you a software solution in both Android and iOS versions. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and your technicians will learn how to use our software. The work orders become visible via Dashboard, Map, and Calendar as well. Moreover, you can get digital signatures from customers, and upload as many invoices as required along with many other features.


Via mobile or desktop, you can create estimates, receive online approvals, and know when a customer reads your provided estimate. You can even convert estimates to work orders after attaining approvals.

Time Keeping

When generating work orders, you can integrate a timecard. Increase your billable hours and keep your time card honest with the approval process. You can even define various job codes such as office time, vacation, training, and others.

Invoicing and Payment

The mobile accessibility of our software lets your employees generate invoices conveniently. Invoicing becomes possible right from the work location. In fact, you can utilize QuickBooks to automate the invoice generation process. Our solution supports custom pricing as per the service provided to each customer. Along with that, you can track mileage and expense.

Calendar Views

We give you multiple perspective views of the calendar via our software. Schedules are adjustable through the drag and drop feature and you can monitor all unassigned orders of work. More features include color coding every technician, checking real-time job status, and more.

GPS Tracking

Use a map to locate all work order locations and see where your technicians are in the current moment.

Team Management

You can assign different workgroups to your team leads and improve the work assigning authority.

Customer Management

Your customers can utilize the provided customer platform to create and view their personal work orders. You can look into the history of a customer’s estimate, work order and other valuable information. Plus, the software lets you create and save notes associated with each customer profile.

Dashboards and Reports

You can generate separate reports for operational and financial aspects, customize reports and download them. The dashboard offers a perfect overview of all operations with real-time updates regarding work progress.


You get unlimited free email or phone support. Our experts also help with the process of onboarding.

Keeping your business profitable depends on two factors- your expenses and your revenue. You can either increase your business revenue or decrease your business expenses. Both factors become possible with our field service work order management solution. Our software lets you continue the same operations with all your available resources, but it removes the waste of your workflow.

All operation systems contain waste, which you can remove to obtain more profit. It could be the non-billable time of your technicians, time wastage in work order creation and unable to manage multiple work orders.

With our digitally defined workflow process, you can remove waste from your service business and increase your profit with more billable hours. The integration of our software brings automation and real-time control over your workflow. You and your employees will be managing most of the work simply via their smartphones. This will eliminate the unnecessary pressure of paper-based administration of services.

The customizability of our operations management software makes it effective for a wide range of industries such as:

  • Garage Door Services
  • Alarm Installation
  • Home Automation
  • HVAC
  • Electrical Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Service Technician
  • Janitorial Services
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Painters
  • Maid Services
  • Snow Removal
  • Lawn Care
  • Parks and Rec Services
  • Heating and Plumbing
  • Cleaning Services
  • Window Washing
  • Computer Repair
  • Pool and Spa Installation

And many others!

Our software enhances the productivity and work efficiency of technicians, team managers, dispatchers, financial staff, and customer support team as well.

We, at Field Promax, have invested top-notch resources into creating our field service software. It contains every feature you desire to manage your field service workflow. We make technology acquisition easier with our easy user interface and support for your employees to come on board with the software. Our users appreciate the flexibility of packages we offer, so you pay for the extent of services you need for your business.