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Snow Removal Management Software

The Exclusive Snow Removal Business Software to Simplify Your Business Operations

When it snows, you need to get to work fast. You don’t have time to get lost in administrative tasks or nitpick route efficiencies. Field Promax helps organize everything for your business so you can get to work quickly. From creating estimates and managing work orders to assigning technicians, monitoring them in real-time, and generating invoices from the field, this cutting-edge snow removal service software helps you take care of all your office work. manage anything and everything with just a click of a button, in the least amount of time on the go.

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Mobile app view

Mobile App

Field Promax snow removal business software features an integrated field mobile app that enables you to manage your business processes on the go. From creating estimates and assigning technicians to generating invoices and sharing them directly with the client, you can do everything from your smartphone. You can also monitor your employee’s location in real-time. Besides, it makes your field technicians’ job easier as they can receive notifications, accept job orders, and access customer information through the app too.

  • GPS technology to monitor employee location in real-time
  • View dashboards and calendars via mobile devices
  • Enable field technicians to report from the field
  • Get invoices approved with digital signatures from the clients
  • Share images and update job status
  • Collect payment on the field
  • Assured data security
  • Easy customization and configuration
  • Available on both Android and iOS

Customer Management

Field Promax allows you to provide the best-in-class customer experience with its cutting-edge CRM feature. Provide your customers direct access to your services through Field Promax snow removal management software where they can directly ask you for quotes, place service requests, receive notifications, and much more.

  • Take advantage of customer history and databases
  • Alert clients with texts and emails before scheduled appointments
  • Share images as proof of work
  • Let them ask for estimates directly via your website by the link provided by Field Promax

Cloud Storage

Field Promax features centralized cloud storage where you can have all your valuable data organized in one single platform. The result is the most efficient database management where you can find everything with just a click. You can also allow your employees controlled access to customer information through this software and help increase team performance. It also guarantees the highest possible level of data security.

  • No more erroneous or redundant data entry
  • Easy data processing for recurrent job orders
  • Seamless access to job information for field workers
  • Flawless, efficient billing and invoicing
  • Increased first-time fixed rates for field workers

QuickBooks Integration

Field Promax integrates with QuickBooks, giving you a complete solution for your accounts and bookkeeping needs. Quickbooks online integration also enables you to keep all your customer details organized in one place so that you can use them to perform a variety of tasks, including work order generation, scheduling, billing and invoicing.

  • Seamless two-way integration with QuickBooks
  • Eliminate errors and redundant data entry
  • Invoice generation
  • Improved and regularized payment cycle
Chimney Sweep Quickbooks Integration