Access Control Systems Services

With access control systems within our premises, safety and security aren’t a concern. Similarly, with Field Promax, your field service management is never a concern. The access control system software  evolves with the advancement of technology and the latest modes of security. It has encrypted homes, offices, apartments, hospitals, and many other spaces that need monitoring. It controls entry and exists, while Field Promax handles the income and the outcome of your business. As access control systems strive to maintain the confidentiality of their customers, Field Promax is the confidential platform for all your documentations. Access control systems aim to ensure that the trust and hope of their clients don’t go in vain; they also ensure the security of their customers’ premises with the help of equipment like access cards, facial recognition, and other encrypted methods.


Mobile App

The setting up and management of the access control systems can be crucial and an attentive job. As much as focusing on their job is essential for a technician, creating invoices and getting paid are equally important. To make the latter simpler, Field Promax generates original invoices on completion of work orders where technicians can attach photos of their before and after work, the details of the equipment used, and other pieces of information too. Once the customer approves this, the payment can be transacted online and immediately. The mobile app allows the management to keep a check on their technician’s trail with GPS integration. It also makes information passing, progress tracking, time management, and other on-field activities function smoother. The Field Promax mobile is your handyman on the field and in the office.

  • Browse your desktop on your mobile with the Field Promax mobile app.
  • Access all your files from anywhere and at any time.
  • The Field Promax mobile app is your on-field and off-field companion.
Mobile App Features


Field Promax encourages your access control system business to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Going paperless can save millions of plants and money, and on the other hand, save your business a lot of time, money, and hassle. Just like you shifted from keys to access cards, digitalizing all your invoices, estimates, accounts, data, and much more on the Field Promax software allows you to access them from anywhere and anytime. It gives you access to what you want without having to go through piles of files and messy papers. Digitalization also helps keep track of work history, customer data, and more. Keep your offices clean, your desks neat, and work in peace with Field Promax software.

  • Maintain clean records in a clean environment.
  • Foresee your future, with all the historical records available.
  • Go digital and work hassle-free.
Customer Management

You customer no longer have to make appointments or wait long queues to work with you. With Field Promax and its 24/7 customer support system, reach your customers, answer queries and get multiple work orders in a day. Customers can imply their specifications and customize their needs while sending in their orders. This makes it easier to estimate building and work order generation. This way, you can be aware of your customer’s preferences for future collaborations, maintenance, and other malfunctions. Since customers are the foundation for any business, treat your customers right with Field Promax. They can also access these features through the mobile app.

  • Customers can get convenience with their orders on the Field Promax app.
  • Be available to your costumes at any time on the Field Promax platform.
  • Manage customer orders with ease.
Field Management Software
Reports and Dashboards

Find all your progress and performances in one place. You can monitor your schedules, dispatches, work orders, the progress of the technicians, and other data on the dashboard. Customise and arrange them by percentage, graphs, pie charts with colors according to your preferences for a better viewing experience of your business. Collect and organize your daily, weekly, and monthly reports to create dashboards and analyze your employees’ performance rate and tasks. Reports and Dashboards help maintain the authenticity of the business. It can also be customized as to who can view the dashboard.

  • Know where your business stands with Field Promax features.
  • Track the progress of your employees easily on the dashboard.
  • Maintain a track record at the end of every day’s performance.

Some customer locations can be confusing and hard to find for an average person. The Field Promax mobile app is integrated with GPS features to help you navigate traffic, challenge roads, and find the destination faster. With GPS features, officials can track their technicians on the field and direct them in case of misunderstandings. It can also help cut short on fuel costs and calculate travel timings before dispatching.

  • Locate your customer with ease.
  • Reach destinations without traffic, wasting time, and encountering bumpy roads.
  • Track technicians on the field during working hours on the Field Promax app.
Parks services Software

Access Control System Software has been a sense of security and safety for many organizations and homes. It is time for us to pay back the kindness and safeguard your data with complete authenticity and encryption. Field Promax makes sure your business can be the security of others without fear of losing your own. Unite with Field Promax to create a safe environment for customers.