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Pest Control Business Software

The Most Efficient and Easy to Use Pest Control Business Software Solution to Manage All Your Operations

Managing all of your can be a hassle. For a smooth operation, you must take care of countless job orders, invoices, estimates, scheduling, routing, time tracking, monitoring, and so on. One slip at any point could potentially lead the whole process to fall apart like a house of cards. But, your days of worrying are over. Put a stop to your frustration with the best pest control business software on the market. Our tailor-made software solution offers you cutting-edge features to take care of all your business needs so that you can focus on the more important aspects of the job.


Scheduling & Dispatching

Scheduling & Dispatching

Make scheduling easier with the most comprehensive and easy-to-use software. With all your job orders and technicians availability available on one single platform, all you need to do is click some buttons to assign the right technicians to the right job. Further, powered with automatic notifications and color-coded time cards, you can rest assured you are never going to miss out on any appointments or mix-up scheduling. Make the most of your resources with Field Promax.

  • Notify and dispatch team members in real-time
  • Provide field technicians with necessary job detail
  • Quickly assign and reschedule your technicians to new jobs
  • Easily drag and drop jobs in your calendar
Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes



The secret to growing your business is to close more deals, and the secret to closing more deals is to come up with a winning quote that your client cannot refuse. This is exactly what Field Promax pest control software gives you. You can create professional-looking estimates on your computer, or even from your smartphone thanks to custom templates and an easy-to-use interface. That’s not all. You can also modify the estimate further as per requirements, and send it directly to the customer using the same platform.

  • Create and send estimates from both your computer and smartphone
  • Add items or modify estimates from the field
  • Let your customers approve the estimate on the same platform
  • Turn approved quotes into work orders with a click of a button
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Field Promax offers seamless integration with various software useful for your access control and security business, including QuickBooks and Stripe. Enjoy an all-in-one solution at a pocket-friendly price with Field Promax.

Reports & Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards

Making profits demands smart decision-making. Field Promax pest control service software features cutting-edge analytics support that provides you with an in-depth insight into your business processes. Empowered with this knowledge, you can determine what’s best for your organization with zero hassle. It also comes with a comprehensive dashboard where you can view all your important business metrics, and always be on top of your operations.

  • Easy view of calendars, schedules, work orders, and finances in one single platform
  • Customization as per your business needs
  • Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
  • All reports can be exported to Excel
Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Make accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy with Field Promax pest control software. It supports two-way synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks to give you the ultimate hassle-free experience of account management. Thanks to the seamless integration, you can organize all your customer information and job order details in one single platform, and subsequently use the data for a variety of tasks, including scheduling, billing, invoicing, and so on.

  • QuickBooks desktop and mobile integration
  • Eliminate errors and redundant data entry
  • Invoice generation
  • Cloud storage for maximum security

Few Things You Should Know

Yes. Field Promax enables you to assign the best technicians available and dispatch them with just a click. Besides, it also helps you find the best route and manage inventory. 

Field Promax employs industry-leading cybersecurity practices to safeguard customer information, providing robust protection against potential breaches and unauthorized access.

Absolutely. Field Promax tailors access control solutions to meet industry-specific regulations, ensuring that your installation and maintenance service is compliant and aligned with relevant standards.

Field Promax is powered by advanced cloud storage technology that helps field technicians with authorization access necessary information no matter where they are. It also offers a dedicated mobile app that allows technicians to view schedules, accept work orders, find the best routes, manage inventory, update job status with the option to attach photos and documents, create final invoices while on the field, and even collect payment online or via credit cards.

Of course! Field Promax supports integration with some of the most popular software solutions, such as QuickBooks and Stripe, to make your financial tasks easier than ever before.