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Traffic Control System Software

The Most Efficient Traffic Control System Software in Today’s Time

Traffic control is in itself a chaotic task. So, managing the admin job in your traffic control business should not be chaotic as well. Simplify your operations with Field Promax traffic control software. Powered by advanced technology and equipped with the latest features, this cutting-edge software automates your business processes to make them smooth and hassle-free.
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Scheduling & Dispatching

For traffic control operations, scheduling field workers and dispatching them right on time is the most crucial task. To simplify the job, we have designed the most efficient traffic management plan software with the best possible scheduling and dispatching features. With this, you can view all your technicians’ schedules in one place and assign them with just the touch of a button.

  • Notify and dispatch team members in real-time
  • Provide field technicians with necessary job detail
  • Quickly assign and reschedule your technicians to new jobs
  • Easily drag and drop jobs in your calendar

Reports & Dashboards

Field Promax enables you to deliver a high-quality field service experience by giving you valuable analytics and comprehensive insights about your organization. It gives you a 360-degree view of your operations and an in-depth understanding of your processes, which can be instrumental in making more informed decisions and optimizing your resources.

  • Easy view of calendars, schedules, work orders, and finances in one single platform
  • Customization as per your business needs
  • Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
Reports and Dashboards

Quotes & Estimates

Creating competitive quotes and sending estimates to customers faster than your competitors means more business opportunities. This is what Field Promax enables you to accomplish. The tailor-made traffic control software allows you to create, share, and track estimates from anywhere, anytime.

  • Customize your estimate with line items, materials, and labor charge
  • Custom pricing for different work orders
  • Allow customers approve estimates
  • Turn approvals directly into work orders

QuickBooks Integration

Field Promax integrates with QuickBooks, giving you a complete solution for your accounts and bookkeeping needs. Quickbooks online integration also enables you to keep all your customer details organized in one place so that you can use them to perform a variety of tasks, including work order generation, scheduling, billing and invoicing.

  • Seamless two-way integration with QuickBooks
  • Eliminate errors and redundant data entry
  • Invoice generation
  • Cloud storage for maximum security
Work Invoices