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GPS Tracking Software

Time cards integrated with work orders eliminate the possibility of erroneous entries. Increase your billable hours by understanding if any part of the technician’s time that was not billed to the customer.

GPS Tracking
Track Work Orders

Know When and Where Your Field Technicians Are Working

GPS tracking helps you keep track of field service teams when they’re on the clock. Reporting and a live map view can show you job details along with current crew locations

Optimize Routes

See every street your field employees took on the way to the job and where they stopped along the way. Our GPS tracking software provides more accurate estimated arrival times and can help you increase customer satisfaction.

Keep Tab on Your Team Productivity

Track locations, optimize routes and see time spent at different Job sites with Field Promax GPS tracking software. Using a lightweight mobile app on each person’s device, Field Promax tracks hours and locations throughout the workday.

Track Work Orders and Technicians

Through geo-coding, you can view all work orders on a map. You can also locate all your technicians. A combined view of both provides an excellent mechanism to deal with emergencies, allowing you to dispatch the right technician to the right job at the right time, every time.

Respond to service requests faster

Automate scheduling and attendance with the Field Promax field service management software solution, so it’s easy to see who is available and who’s on the job. You’ll even get alerts for missed or late shifts so you can respond quickly and improve customer satisfaction.

GPS Tracking
Field Promax GPS Tracking

Be on top of your business operations with the cutting-edge GPS tracking technology of Field Promax. Monitor your technicians’ location in real-time, keep track of work progress, manage routing, and more.