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Mobile App

Here’s our vow! Put away your worries and become a pro at using our mobile app in just 10 minutes. Create estimates and work orders, record your time for payroll, track your expenses, track your equipment, and much more with our full-fledged, dynamic, and synchronized mobile app.
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QuickBooks Integration

Guess what? Integration with QuickBooks has never been so easy! With just a few clicks, you can get your Customers and Products from QuickBooks integrated with Field Promax. Thanks to QuickBooks, work orders from Field Promax are converted to invoices, enabling a 2-way sync.
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quickbooks integration
scheduling and dispatching

Scheduling & Dispatching

Field Promax makes sure scheduling and dispatching are done with timeliness and accuracy so that no appointments are missed. Take full control of your service operations with robust organizing measures at Field Promax.
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Calendar Views

Multiple calendar views provide different perspectives on the work in progress. Field Promax provides you with several calendar views categorized by day, week, and month. Work orders customized by color code and the drag-and-drop functionality provided in the software make dispatching even easier.
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calendar views


Create estimates from the field or from the office. Send via email for digital signature approvals. Convert to a work order when approved. Dispatch to your technicians to perform the work. Convert to work order to invoice when complete. Field Promax provides an end-to-end solution.

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Time Tracking

Keep your technicians honest and accountable! With a GPS-enabled timekeeping module, pay your technicians accurately every time. Our timekeeping module is tightly integrated with the work order management feature, and together, they provide you with the best opportunity to increase your billable hours.
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time tracking


Missed your bills again? Put a full stop to late bills by accurately converting work orders into invoices through QuickBooks once the work is completed. Allow us to help you increase your cash flow.
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GPS Tracking

Visualize your daily work orders on a map. More importantly, dispatch the right technician to the right location with our GPS Tracking feature and calmly combat emergencies.
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GPS tracking
team management

Team Management

Field Promax believes in teamwork to make the dream work. Our service teams run effectively under Team Leads who have the required information on their technicians. Field Promax provides multiple security levels for better and more efficient team management.
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Manage Customers

Allow your customers to feel at home by providing them access to Field Promax. Your high-impact customers can create and edit their work orders at their own pace! Field Promax provides historical data on your customers in an organized manner, making all your customer interactions fruitful.
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manage customers
equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Manage your assets and track your rental equipment or that of your customers with our customizable Equipment Tracking module. With our historical database, your technicians can access all the data required to manage your customer’s equipment right from their mobile phones.
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Reports & Dashboards

Our intuitive dashboard provides you with a bird’s-eye view of your company’s service health. Reports provide you with the analytics needed to run a productive and profitable service operation.
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reports and dashboard
multi location

Multi Location/Department

Companies often have separate departments or multiple locations. With this functionality, you can have separate instances of Field Promax and yet manage the billing under the same umbrella. Multi-location provides clarity for individual departments and, at the same time, maintains control of administration under one umbrella.
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Software systems work best when you can leverage all its functionalities to their maximum. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that we provide you with all the help you need to be successful. Email, phone, or chat with us today!
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