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Alarm Installation Business Software

If you want more profit in less time, Field Promax is the ultimate choice to automate your alarm installation and maintenance business.

Running an alarm installation business is nevertheless a hectic affair. You need to juggle between a hundred different tasks at any given point. This does not just include installation, maintenance, or repair at the customer’s place; you also need to take care of scheduling the best technician, creating the best estimate for the job, managing the inventory and paperwork in the best way possible, and so much more. Field Promax brings you the best automation tool to handle it all—on a single platform. 


Here is what you can do with this cutting-edge software:

  • Schedule and dispatch the best technicians with just a click
  • Manage all your appointments on a comprehensive dashboard
  • Provide your field technicians with the best routing options to save time and gas money
  • Manage all your customer information and job details on the cloud 
  • Access necessary information from your mobile device, regardless of where you are
  • Create final invoices and get paid online, right on the job site
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Alarm Installation Scheduling Software

With Field Promax alarm software, you can efficiently create job orders, schedule technicians, and provide them with the necessary job descriptions– all in a single place. Even if you are not in the office, you can assign a job to your alarm technicians instantly via our mobile app.

  • Track your technicians’ live location with advanced GPS tracking
  • Notify technicians about upcoming assignments
  • Increase first-time fix rates with detailed job description
  • Alert customers with updates and changes in the schedule

Reports & Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards

Our advanced dashboard feature lets you keep every detail organized in one place. Thanks to this cutting-edge alarm business software, access all your schedules, job orders, reports, and customer feedback with a click on your computer and make better decisions to boost your business growth.
  • Prioritize work orders
  • Assign the right technician to the right job
  • Improve predictive maintenance
  • Manage recurring work orders better
  • Control access to the database
  • Develop effective business strategy
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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Field Promax supports QuickBooks desktop and online integration. Thanks to the seamless two-way sync, you can organize all your databases in one place and use them for your business processes. Create work orders, schedule technicians, provide job details, create and send invoices, and accept payment on the go.
  • Eliminate the need for redundant data entry every step of the way
  • Keep your accounts streamlined and encrypted
  • Get quick access to your customer database
Customer History and Notes
Customer History and Notes

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Installation and repair of alarm systems is a time-consuming process. But make sure your field technicians are spending their valuable time efficiently. Field Promax alarm billing software gives you the most efficient time-tracking feature to monitor employees’ working hours and increase your total billable hours.
  • Avoid erroneous entries with integrated time cards
  • Monitor when your employees clock in and clock out
  • Record total billable hours correctly to avoid conflicts on the final invoice
  • Get paid righteously and quickly

Quotes & Estimates

Quotes & Estimates

Creating competitive quotes and sending estimates to customers faster than your competitors means more business opportunities. This is what Field Promax enables you to accomplish. It allows you to create, share, and track estimates from anywhere, anytime.
  • Customize your estimate with line items, materials, and labor charge
  • Custom pricing for different work orders
  • Allow customers approve estimates
  • Turn approvals directly into work orders
Track your Customer’s Equipment

Few Things You Should Know

Field Promax offers competitive pricing and distinguishes itself through a commitment to reliability, utilizing cutting-edge technology and experienced technicians to deliver superior security solutions.

Yes, our support team will guide you through the onboarding process and provide comprehensive training to ensure you are familiar with all aspects of your alarm system software, empowering you to use it effectively.

Field Promax offers an efficient recurring job order management feature that automatically tracks annual maintenance scheduled for your customers’ alarm systems and automatically notifies the assigned technicians as well as the customer before the scheduled appointment. 

Field Promax is powered by advanced cloud storage technology, enabling you to store, organize, and access your valuable data with the utmost data security. Plus, it allows anyone with due authorization to easily access the data from their mobile devices, whenever and wherever needed.

Field Promax offers a range of flexible pricing plans to suit any business. As your company grows, you can easily switch to a more suitable pricing plan with just a click on your computer.