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150 Unique Cleaning Business Names to Grab Your Customers Attention

Unique Cleaning Business Names

On an average, how many business establishment names do you come across? How many shops do you pass by on your way to work or while going out to grab dinner? How many brand names do you read on the internet on an average day? Hundreds and thousands, if we are to roughly estimate. But how many of them do you actually remember? How many of them actually grasp your attention and make you interested? Only a handful of them at best.

Now imagine if you were to kickstart a cleaning company, something that must already be present in your locality. How do you make sure your cleaning business name stands out? How do you make it memorable?

Choosing the perfect name for your business is no joke. Especially in a competitive industry like commercial cleaning, it is of utmost importance to pick a memorable name to take advantage of brand recognition. Most people fail to realize this, but giving your cleaning company a unique and eye-catching name is one of the most underrated and overlooked marketing strategies that can help you build a strong brand.

Keeping all this in mind, this blog will guide you through the art of naming a business. Here, you will learn the importance of a good brand name, the factors you should consider while naming your cleaning business, and more. If you are still in two minds or running short on ideas, don’t worry. We have put together a list of over 150 unique cleaning business names capable of sticking out among the crowd. Just choose the one that suits your brand’s tone or customize it as per your preference.

Here you go!

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Unique Brand Name

Great names capture attention, indicate purpose, and shape perceptions of face value. In this sense, a cleaning service is no different than a technology business, a restaurant, or retail goods. Your brand name is and will always be the face of your company.

In essence, brand names are really important because they create the identity of your business. It sets you apart from your competitors and gives you an edge. Moreover, it is the first thing that customers notice about you and sets the tone for every interaction moving forward.

Here are a few more reasons why you should take extra care when naming your business:

  • Making your business look professional
  • Build trust among your customers
  • Making it easier for potential customers to remember your brand

Considering the importance of choosing the perfect name for your business, it is important to know how to pick the right cleaning company names. What should you keep in mind while thinking of a name? What should be avoided while naming a company? How do you know if the name is the right fit for your company? There are more things to be considered, even if you already have a preferred name in mind.

Not only does the exhaustive list of criteria make choosing a name more difficult, but it may also limit your scope of imagination. Oftentimes, aspiring entrepreneurs have no clue what to name their businesses. When it comes to cleaning business name ideas, it is far more difficult to come up with something unique given the not-so-interesting nature of the job.
To simplify the task, here are some factors you should keep in mind when you pick a name for your cleaning company.

Characteristics of A Good Brand Name

Characteristics of A Good Brand Name: Things to Remember

Make It Catchy
Start with catchy cleaning business name ideas. It must grab your potential customers’ attention. The competition in the domain of commercial cleaning and janitorial services is insanely fierce. So, pick something that stands out and probably fills a niche market.

Stay within the Comfort Zone
Remember, you are trying to grab attention, not confuse your customers. So don’t stray too far from the familiar path. Keep it unique, but it does not need to be too different from common cleaning business names. They must understand at once that you are essentially a cleaning business and not keep guessing what it is all about. Try to use words that immediately direct your customers’ attention to the services you offer.

Keep it Short and Punchy
Elaborate business names are not a wise choice for making a lasting impression. Your customers will struggle to remember the name if it is too long or too complicated. However, short names do not necessarily mean common. Make sure it packs a punch and creates a lasting impression.

Saying It Out Loud
While picking names for cleaning business, make sure your customers can easily read and say it out loud.

Keep Up the Vibe
Choose a name that sounds uplifting and reassuring. Try to incorporate words or cleaning service name ideas that make your potential customers feel confident about choosing your services.

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Avoid things while choosing cleaning name

Things You Should Avoid while Choosing A Name

Don’t Pick a Name Already in Use
Although this is pretty basic, let us remind you not to choose a name that another cleaning business already uses. Make sure you are choosing from unused cleaning business names, not something that someone else already possesses. To avoid this, you may do a quick Google search to see if the name is already taken. You can also check with your state’s DBA.

Make It Make Sense
No matter how funny, quirky, or unique a name you choose for your cleaning business, it must make sense to the customers. Moreover, it is probably not a good idea if the name only makes sense to you or people within your industry. You would not want to explain your brand name every time you pitch a potential customer or at every networking event. This is why it is so important to test out names for cleaning business with people both familiar and unfamiliar with your industry, your business, and you as an individual.

Keep it Classy
Many business owners like to choose a business name that is funny or quirky. You will often find witty names that have a little wordplay or pun in them. While being witty or cute is okay, make sure the name does not come off as silly or childish. Classy names for cleaning business are what make the difference between unprofessional, unattractive ones and memorable ones.

Don’t Be Too Generic
If you are looking to build a loyal customer base, you need to fill a niche market. Instead of offering a wide variety of services, stick to a few things that you do best and leverage your expertise. This way, you can pinpoint a customer base and beat the competition. Also, make sure your company’s name reflects your niche and identifies with a particular audience. Instead of using common cleaning business names, choose something that tells your customers what exclusive service they can expect from you.

Use This Checklist to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Cleaning Business

Checklist for cleaning business names

All these dos and don’ts might sound a little overwhelming. So, let us make the task easier for you. As you peruse cleaning company name ideas and choose from them, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is the name taken?
    • Is it difficult to spell and pronounce?
    • Is it too generic?

    To be a good cleaning business name, the answers to these questions must be “no”.
    Then again, proceed to check whether:

    • Is it easy to remember?
    • Is it specific enough?
    • Is it a good fit for your industry?
    • Does it make sense?
    • Does it sound creative, fresh, reliable, and uplifting?

    If the answers to these questions are “yes”, you are good to go!

  • List of Unique Cleaning Business Names for Your Company

    Now that you have a fair idea of what you should consider when naming your business, here are some catchy cleaning business names you can consider or use as inspiration.

    Unique Names for Your Cleaning Business

    • 1 . Clean Sweepers
    • 2 . Clean and Bright
    • 3 . Spotless Cleaning
    • 4 . Clean Machine
    • 5 . Sparkling Clean
    • 6 . Dust Busters
    • 7 . The Cleaning Crew
    • 8 . Tidy Touch
    • 9 . Neat ‘n Tidy
    • 10 . Pristine Clean
    • 11 . Simply Spotless
    • 12 . Bright and Clean
    • 13 . Clean and Clear
    • 14 . Clean and Green
    • 15 . Clean Queen
    • 16 . Wipe & Swipe
    • 17 . A-1 Cleaning
    • 18 . Clean and Serene
    • 19 . Genie in a Bucket
    • 20 . Clean Cut
    • 21 . Clean Genie
    • 22 . Happy House Cleaners
    • 23 . The Clean Machine
    • 24 . Clean and Simple
    • 25 . Clean and Fresh
    • 26 . Clean Sweep Co.
    • 27 . I-Shine
    • 28 . Clear Choice Cleaning
    • 29 . Clean and Bright
    • 30 . Clean Sweepers Inc.
    • 31 . Krazy Klean
    • 32 . Pure Clean Co.
    • 33 . Pure Clean Solutions
    • 34 . Green Clean Co.
    • 35 . Eco Clean
    • 36 . Clean Sweepers LLC
    • 37 . Cleaning Experts
    • 38 . The Cleaning Company
    • 39 . The Cleaning Gurus
    • 40 . Elite Cleaners
    • 41 . Expert Cleaners
    • 42 . Extreme Clean
    • 43 . Fresh Start Cleaners
    • 44 . Deep Cleaners
    • 45 . Crystal Cleaners
    • 46 . Maid to Clean
    • 47 . A+ Cleaning Co.
    • 48 . Kings Of Cleaning
    • 49 . Pristine Pro Cleaners
    • 50 . The Tidy Team

    Classy Names for Your Cleaning Business

    • 1 . Spotless Solutions
    • 2 . Clean Freaks
    • 3 . Cleaning Prodigies
    • 4 . The Cleaning Pros
    • 5 . The Cleaning Squad
    • 6 . Quality Cleaners
    • 7 . Fresh Clean Co.
    • 8 . Sweep Dreams
    • 9 . The Dust Busters
    • 10 . All Bright Cleaners
    • 11 . Cleaning Crusaders
    • 12 . Cleaning Divas
    • 13 . Cleaning Ninjas
    • 14 . Tidy Titans
    • 15 . The Grime Fighters
    • 16 . Happy House Cleaners
    • 17 . The Housekeepers
    • 18 . Master Cleaners
    • 19 . The Neat Company
    • 20 . Polished Cleaners
    • 21 . Precise Cleaners
    • 22 . Pristine Cleaning Services
    • 23 . Pure Cleaning
    • 24 . Shimmering Cleaners
    • 25 . Sparkling Cleaners Inc.
    • 26 . Spring Cleaners
    • 27 . Sun Cleaners
    • 28 . Supreme Cleaners
    • 29 . Swift Cleaners
    • 30 . The Clean Factor
    • 31 . Happy Home Cleaners
    • 32 . The Clean Team
    • 33 . The Cleaning Authority
    • 34 . The Tidy Tribe
    • 35 . Spotless Services
    • 36 . The Cleaning Empire
    • 37 . The Cleaning Machine
    • 38 . Clean Sweep
    • 39 . The Cleaning Solution
    • 40 . The Cleaning Wizards
    • 41 . The Dirt Busters
    • 42 . The Dust Masters
    • 43 . The Maid Brigade
    • 44 . The Shiny Cleaners
    • 45 . The Sparkling Squad
    • 46 . The Spotless Cleaning Co.
    • 47 . The Tidy Maids
    • 48 . House Heroes
    • 49 . Clean N’ Fresh
    • 50 . Crystal Clean Co.

    Eye-Catching Cleaning Business Names

    • 1 . Precision Cleaning Co.
    • 2 . Action Cleaning
    • 3 . Clean Cut
    • 4 . Midas Touch Cleaning Agency
    • 5 . Dirt Devils
    • 6 . Express 24/7 Cleaning
    • 7 . GO Cleaners
    • 8 . House Keep Up
    • 9 . Lovely Housekeeping
    • 10 . Extreme Cleaning Machine
    • 11 . Maid in America
    • 12 . Polished to Perfection
    • 13 . Check Maid
    • 14 . Magic Moppers
    • 15 . Clean Break
    • 16 . Meticulous Maids
    • 17 . Maid to the Rescue
    • 18 . The Cleaning Fairy
    • 19 . Bright Home Cleaning Services
    • 20 . Capitol Cleaning
    • 21 . Cleaning Dash
    • 22 . Klean and Brite Cleaning Service
    • 23 . Ready-Maid
    • 24 . Maxim Cleaning
    • 25 . The Cleaning Crew
    • 26 . TipTop
    • 27 . Pristine Clean
    • 28 . Bonny Maid
    • 29 . MagiClean
    • 30 . Shine on
    • 31 . The Cleaning Bee
    • 32 . Sparkle House
    • 33 . Mighty Maids
    • 34 . Classic Cleaning
    • 35 . Happy Home
    • 36 . Insideout
    • 37 . Pro Clean
    • 38 . Rent-a-Maid
    • 39 . Freshius
    • 40 . iClean
    • 41 . The SOAPranos
    • 42 . Xtreme Clean
    • 43 . EZ Cleaning
    • 44 . Pixie Dust Cleaners
    • 45 . Pleasin’ Polish
    • 46 . Trinity Cleaning Service
    • 47 . Sweep Dreams
    • 48 . Scrub Squad
    • 49 . Shine Bright
    • 50 . Urban Clean

    How to Register Your Cleaning Business Name

    As a cleaning company, you need to register your business name before you start your operations. To do that, you need to choose a business structure as well, as your brand name. Typically, there are four types of business structures you can choose from:

    • Sole proprietorship
    • Partnership
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Corporation

    If you decide to have a sole proprietorship, you might not need to register your business with a state agency in some states. However, you would still need to obtain a license or permit. For other structures, registering your business name with the state agency is mandatory. You will also need to register your trade name, or DBA (do-business-as) if your company is operating under a different name than its legal business name.

    To register your business name, you need to contact a registered agent with the authority to receive legal documentation on behalf of your company. She/he must also be located in the state where your business is going to be registered.

    The process of registering your business name may vary depending on the state you are located in. So, it is advisable to check the requirements before you file your application. In most cases, you can simply register your business with the secretary of state’s office.

    Upon registering your business with the state, you will also obtain your employer identification number (EIN). This is important if you are going to hire employees for your business. If you want to file for tax as an S Corporation, you will also need to file a Form 2333 with the IRS during the same process.

    How to Name Your Cleaning Business

    Whether you choose a name from our list or come up with your own, here are a few things you should do before you zero in on an idea:

    • Brainstorm for potential names for your cleaning business, use the cleaning business name ideas from this blog as inspiration
    • Shortlist the names that you think best represent your brand identity
    • Get feedback from your friends, family, and colleagues. You may also ask them for their input and ideas for a suitable business name
    • Consider whether the name you chose would appeal to your potential customers
    • Check if the name is available, i.e., not in use by a competitor
    • Search online to see if the domain name is available with the same brand name

    And voila! You have an identity for your business. Now all you have to do is devise a strategy to turn the name into a reputable brand name.

    Wrapping Up

    Of course, you can always name your business after yourself or a loved one. But think for yourself— which one are people more likely to remember? “Smith & Sons Cleaning Company” or “The Cleaning Ninjas”? You know the answer, don’t you?

    But no matter what cleaning business names you choose, it all boils down to the quality of service you provide. If you want to make a lasting impression on your customers, you need to provide impeccable service at an affordable price. Or else they will remember the name you chose ever so lovingly for yourself for all the wrong reasons.

    The easiest way to improve your service is to sign up for Field Promax commercial cleaning software. With this stunning digital tool, you can effortlessly streamline and automate your cleaning business and add more efficiency to your workflow. It allows you to take care of a variety of backend tasks, including scheduling, dispatching, estimating, time-tracking, monitoring, inventory management, reporting, and invoicing, with just a few clicks on your computer or smartphone. It also integrates with QuickBooks to simplify your accounting and bookkeeping processes. What’s more, it is the perfect tool to manage repeat customers and generate more leads for your cleaning business. With less burden from admin jobs and more time to focus on important tasks, you can empower your field workers to provide the best service to your customers.

    Just as you choose the perfect name for your cleaning business, make sure that you choose the right software as well.

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    A good name for a cleaning business is the one that encapsulates the brand essence perfectly, is short and easy to remember, and, most importantly, is unique and unused. Here are some names that may fit your cleaning business:

      • All-Star Cleaning Co.
      • Capital Cleaning Company
      • Essential Cleaning Company
      • Sparkle & Shine Maids
      • Helping Hand Cleaning Co.

    Some catchy titles for cleaning companies are:

      • The Tidy Tribe
        Spotless Services
      • The Cleaning Empire
      • The Cleaning Machine
      • Clean Sweep
      • The Cleaning Solution
      • The Cleaning Wizards
      • The Dirt Busters
      • The Dust Masters
      • The Maid Brigade

    Cleaning companies are also knowns as janitorial services, maid services, domestic cleaners, commercial cleaners, house helpers, charmaid, housekeeping, etc.

    To make your cleaning business unique, you may follow these strategies:

    • Create a strong online presence
    • Offers a niche or specialized cleaning service
    • Offer add-on services
    • Craft personalized cleaning services
    • Leave a thank-you note for your customers
    • Allow customers to leave feedbacks on your website, make sure you respond to it
    • Emphasize on eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning methods