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As a field service business owner, the schedule and dispatch of orders are essential parts that need to be managed efficiently. Window cleaning services would require a means for the efficient management of schedule and dispatch. With the help of Field Promax, you can get access to an excellent window cleaning management software solution. Our app includes intuitive tools and features on iOS and Android devices. You can manage your window cleaning services with remarkable efficiency. Our software will allow you to view daily schedules in many ways, using the calendar, dashboard, or map. Without wasting any time, you can send invoices and collect customer signatures with the help of a few simple clicks on our application.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Allow your field technicians and in-house staff to coordinate seamlessly with mobile and desktop accessibility only with the help of Field Promax. With a vast customer base, you can expect recurring work for window cleaning services. With Field Promax, there is no need for increased documentation every month. Before you schedule and dispatch field services using Field Promax, you will be able to automate the recurring orders at once. All you have to do is define the schedule of each recurring service, and our window cleaning services software will add it to the schedules of the technicians automatically. In addition, Field Promax also allows customers to make service requests. The requests will automatically register in Field Promax, allowing you the chance to schedule the dispatch.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

The scheduling and dispatching of work orders don’t have to be an in-office job any longer. Using our desktop and online integrations of Field Promax and QuickBooks, it is possible to formulate tasks and curate invoices immediately after the completion of tasks. Field technicians can make the most of our mobile application for posting work orders and leveraging automated invoicing. Though our desktop QuickBooks integration will need QuickBooks Web Connector, it is possible to leverage Intuit QuickBooks for authorizing data sharing using Field Promax. You will be able to sync your customers and service offerings for ensuring error-free management of your window cleaning work orders between QuickBooks and Field Promax. Our window cleaning software application allows you to avoid several time-consuming procedures right away.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Field Promax will be integrated with QuickBooks to allow field technicians to generate invoices whenever they are done conducting a service. Immediately after the work order is completed, field employees will be able to email the work details in the form of an invoice to the customers. With Field Promax, you can generate invoices automatically in QuickBooks. Our custom pricing feature also lets you charge flexible prices depending on the negotiated contract. Some customers prefer having a negotiated contract according to the work orders’ scale. With Field Promax, it is possible to fulfill their requirements without increasing the manual scheduling management burden.

Unlimited Customer Support

Field Promax isn’t just a simple tool. We also offer comprehensive customer support that is meant to match your needs and requirements. You can connect with our team via call, text, or email for help and support. You won’t be charged extra for availing our customer support, where we will handle your onboarding process where we will train and provide information to your employees. With our highly intuitive software and our expert assistance, you won’t experience any stress related to the transformation your window cleaning services will undergo. Trust us to assist you at every step while adopting this digital technology for your window cleaning services.

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