Integrate with Work Orders and Increase Billing

Time cards integrated with work orders eliminate the possibility of erroneous entries. Increase your billable hours by understanding if any part of the technician’s time that was not billed to the customer.

Integrate with Work Orders

Timecard Approval

At the end of the day, technicians can submit their timecards for approval. The administrator can approve and lock these entries until payday. Once approved, the technician can view but not edit all approved timecards.

Timecard approval

Days off Planner

Alongside the technician’s schedule, view their days off. This visual view eliminates incorrectly scheduling technicians.

Days of Planner

Saving Time and Money with Field Promax Time App

Field Promax has always been a pioneer in digitalizing field service duties. The Field Promax time app has simplified the complex task of manual timekeeping while making it foolproof. Field Promax, through extensive research, has pinpointed and resolved the most common setbacks in the service industry. With active field service time tracking, your company saves time, energy as well as money simply through the magic of digitalization and meticulously built software, which takes into consideration even the most minuscule problems that the service industry faces.

Technicians play a significant role in the service sector, and therefore, employee satisfaction becomes crucial for any service sector firm’s success. Field Promax is designed to fetch your employee’s remuneration for every hour of hard work through continuous and secure documentation and daily login/logout features.

To enhance your effectiveness and keep a complete record of every hour, Field Promax has inculcated a few features.

Integrate Work Order and Increase Billings

Keeping track of all technicians and their exact billable hours is a task that is logistically next to impossible. Besides, for a person to manually keep track of the precise timing and whereabouts, every single technician opens up a room of possible errors and misjudgments potentially, leading the company towards significant losses due to unaccounted billable hours of technicians that would have otherwise been paid for by the customer.

Field Promax field service time app resolves this major setback of manual service management through its unique field service time tracking software. The app allows technicians to log in and log out through their mobile devices. Timecards are integrated with work orders to eliminate the possibilities of errors in entry.

At the end of the project, the Field Promax field service time app makes it extremely convenient to refer to the data from the time app and ensure that your company does not lose substantial revenue. The time management tracking software works by maintaining a record of essential service parameters such as login logout times of technicians, date, work order ID, important notes/comments.

Timecard approval

Field Promax app lets technicians create timecards on the app that contains complete information of their work order, schedule, login time, log out time, and the project they are working on. The technicians need to update and submit their timecards at the end of each day for approval, without having to worry about missing out on unreported hours that they could have been paid for. Administrative staff, on the other spectrum, need not worry about false reporting and manual documentation. Using the Field Promax timekeeping app, admin staff can approve and lock the timecards till the payday. Once approved, technicians can view timecards but cannot make any alterations to them. This also ensures employee satisfaction, as technicians receive remuneration for the hours put in.

Days Off planner

One of the greatest mismanagement disasters in the service sector is the errors in appointing tasks to service teams. At any given point in time, there are a fixed number of employees on their off days. Although the administrative staff has prior knowledge of all technicians who are not available, yet human error in planning has the potential to lead to mismanagement of assigning work to technicians who are enjoying their off days. This is avoided through the days off planner. The administration staff can quickly locate technician’s off days as highlighted to avoid wrong assignments of tasks.

The feature not only prevents mismanagement but also avoids the overworking of technicians. This promotes an employee-friendly work culture that is extremely healthy for your company.

Final Thoughts

Time is definitely money in the case of field service. Efficiency comes from error-free documentation that is secure and cannot be tampered with. Keeping the spirits of your technicians high through employee satisfaction can give you the edge over your competition. Field Promax time management tracking software ensures that neither you nor your technicians lose out on money due to miscalculation of billable hours. Every hour of work is recorded and integrated with the work order to locate and delete erroneous entries. The timecard approval feature facilitates effective communication between the administrative staff and technicians to obtain daily approval of work hours. With the days off function, Field Promax time app highlights employee’s off and eliminates all possibilities of management errors.

Available across iOS and Android, The Field Promax service app has an easy to use interface with wide-ranging functions. The user-friendly app is also highly configurable, and you can easily customize it to fit your business model. Through its features, it will surely upgrade your business output and upscale your product and services. It will save valuable time and keep every step of your work documented. For companies in the service sector, Field Promax mobile app is a cutting-edge tool that will streamline their processes.

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