Available Across iOS (Apple) and Android (Google)

Manage your technicians of field service on-the-go with Field Promax available across Android and iOS platforms. No matter if your technicians are tech-savvy or not, our app is easy-to-use with minimal training of 15 minutes. You can view the work orders scheduled for a day in different ways, such as a Dashboard, Calendar or Map view. Each view delivers a unique perspective, so you can manage your technicians more efficiently. Such cross-platform availability also means that you can reduce the redundant tasks on the field. Your technicians can upload pictures of the provided work, take signatures from the customers on the app and send automatically generated invoices.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Profitability in your business is defined by the technician management efficiency. While technicians are out in the field offering services, Field Promax assists in the management process via desktop and mobile accessibility. Our application empowers your business with advanced tools to manage technicians and field services from the head office and from field locations. Technicians become more productive and your work order scheduling capacity improves with our auto work generation feature. For every recurring work, you can decide a schedule and let the app generate the recurrence on its own. You can even send emails and text messages to technicians to assign work orders.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

Online and desktop integration of Field Promax with QuickBooks provides two-way syncing to your work order and invoice management. This positively impacts your ability to manage technicians in the field. They don’t feel worried about double-entry of work orders, as your offerings and customers stay synced. As soon as a technician finishes a job, he can sync that task to utilize QuickBooks for automated invoice generation. This approach reduces the unnecessary time gap between service completion and invoice creation. The process can take place from anywhere via a mobile app on the smartphone of your technicians.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Invoice generation is probably the most challenging part of any field service. But, not when you have Field Promax to generate invoices. The mobile app sends the details of work orders and generates invoices in QuickBooks as a technician completes any task. Automated billing facility in QuickBooks via our app enhances the capabilities of your in-office team and external team of technicians. You can also pay close attention to the mileage and expenses associated with every work order. Technicians can track the mileage and expense data as well to avoid forgetting about anything when charging the customers. You can reimburse technicians if any unexpected expense takes place on the field.

Unlimited Customer Support

We understand how big it would seem at first to shift your business to a non-paper model. But, no need to have any concern, as we make things easier with our correct information and expert support. We offer our ongoing support through various communication channels like email, text, and call. Our team is always available to assist you and your staff with onboarding. We are capable of adapting to your field service technician management needs. Our support is exactly like hand-holding, which makes your team aware of all the functionalities of our software. As a result, you feel comfortable at every moment of running your business.

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