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Janitorial Services Software

Janitorial Service is one of the most highly respected occupations in today’s era. With people busy making money and leading businesses, janitorial services have always been the backbone for keeping the environment clean and tidy. A clean working environment enhances the efficiency and productivity of the work without a doubt. Janitorial services and business aim to provide the best atmosphere, whether residential buildings, hospitals, offices, malls and complexes. Your professional and exceptional service has been responsible for the healthy living of people who have entrusted their spaces to you. Looking up to your selfless deeds, Field Promax is proud to join forces with you to make your livelihood based business even more sophisticated. Our field service management software enables various dynamic features to treat you with the best in-office and in-field services.



Field Promax provides a smooth sailing schedule automating feature. You can organise your work orders, technicians and utilities to avoid any commotion during dispatching. We allow you to skip those crumpled papers, files, folders and checklist by replacing them with columns where you can fill your work orders, the respective technicians and other details. Find your schedules organised for you with Field Promax features. While your technicians are on the field organising and cleansing corridors, walkways and porches, we would like to help deep clean your schedules and organise them for you automatically.

  • Have a systematic approach to your work orders by scheduling them
  • Automatically place data in their respective slots with Field Promax
  • Forget confusions in work orders when Field Promax does the scheduling
Software for Janitorial Services


Once your schedules are organised and placed in order, dispatching becomes seamless and effortless. These features work together in building a loyal customer base and improved quality of services. Next, dispatch the right team of technicians with the required number of members, skills and availability. Janitorial services are simple and don’t require much planning. Still, it is vital to be equipped with enough tools, disinfectants, trash bags and other products necessary to provide the best janitorial service based on the working field.

  • Be equipped with the best-dispatching facilities.
  • Know where, how, when, why and what you should do before getting on the field
  • Follow the schedule and dispatch effectively.


While working in a vast building, it might be challenging to find the person in charge of the payment or work order. But this is no longer a burden with Field Promax. With digital and automatically generated estimates, you can now send estimates to clients via email or the Field Promax mobile app. Once you receive the signed approval of your clients on your estimates, you then create work orders for the same. Avoid the hassle of having to make calls and in-person meets. You can also track the status of your email to make sure your clients have received it.

  • Be accurate with your estimates with Field Promax
  • Don’t underestimate the value of your janitorial services
  • Receive an instant response to your estimates and create immediate work orders.
Estimate Invoice


Estimates followed by work orders end in a perfectly modulated invoice. Invoices are created on completion of your janitorial services on the field. Invoices comprise the pieces of equipment used, working hours and a detailed record of the services rendered. It keeps the customers informed of what has been done in their space and what the janitorial business is charging them for. Employees can attach a picture of their working spaces before and after service to the invoices generated by Field Promax for proof or an acknowledgement of their work.

  • Document your work orders for a record of your services
  • Track your inventory and predict future requirements
  • Never lose your invoices with Field Promax

Time tracking

When you are too focused on doing your best and create the best atmosphere possible, it is possible to lose track of your working hours. With Field Promax, you no longer have to worry about working hours and not getting paid for them. Field Promax janitorial service management software allows you to use a time card to track your total working hours. If they cross the initial designated time, you can claim your payment respectively.

  • Get your coins for every second you work.
  • Track your hard work and never let your efforts go in vain
  • Field Promax rewards you for all the hard work.
Time Tracking feature for Janitorial Services
Mobile App

Mobile App

The Field Promax mobile app makes the life of your janitorial service employees even more accessible. Just as you listen to music or the latest podcast while working, you can complete all your documentation formalities on the Field Promax within a few taps and a couple of minutes. The mobile app allows you to access all the data whether you own an Android or an iOS. You no longer have to sit in front of the desktop the whole day to sort out work orders, invoices or estimates; Field Promax mobile app offers them all too.

  • Get immediate access to all your required files and documents
  • Work from home and be more productive than at the office
  • Anyone can become tech-savvy in ten minutes with the Field Promax mobile app

With the growing economy, the janitorial service business has effectively played a significant role in making the environment clean and tidy. If managing your customer’s path is your expertise, making the path for business towards success is our expertise. Join Field Promax today to experience the polished road to success.