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When you have a heating and plumbing service business, efficiency and communication decide the quality, safety, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Your field service management app has to align with your specific, yet growing needs. Field Promax is a perfect application to manage your heating and plumbing business via Android and iOS mobile phones. In just 15 minutes, your employees can understand all different features and start using the app. Multiple ways of looking at the work orders are highly effective to serve different purposes. Your technicians can see the heating and plumbing work requests on the dashboard, map, and calendar.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

With Field Promax boosting your business, your technicians can begin work order creation right from their mobile phones and desktop devices. This way your heating and plumbing services can attain the level of mobility you desire to become more profitable. This mobile and desktop accessibility also reduces the communication issues between your field staff and in-office teams. Managers can notify field professionals about work orders via in-app text messages. Auto-generated work orders are possible as well with our app, which you can use for heating and plumbing services that occur again and again for the same customers.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

A simple integration process lets you connect Field Promax with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Your company file in QuickBooks generates invoices automatically when you authorize our app to gain the needed information. You can sync your customers and services between Field Promax and QuickBooks to manage work orders without any error. The idea behind QuickBooks integration is to bring automation and efficiency to your business approach. Your field technicians and in-house management team gain better access to a holistic digital environment to manage invoices and work orders.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

After integrating your company file in QuickBooks with Field Promax, you start receiving automated invoices for any heating or plumbing task posted and completed in the app. Field Promax uses the completion of a work order as a trigger to generate its invoice automatically in QuickBooks. So, your technicians can generate invoices wherever they are in the field. Then, they can send those invoices to customers via email through our mobile application. You can charge custom prices to match your negotiated contracts. Managers and technicians can monitor every bit of work orders to ensure safety, productivity and cost-efficiency. This level of overviewing allows managers to satisfy the needs of field technicians as well.

Unlimited Customer Support

Using a paperless model in your heating and plumbing service business won’t seem a massive transition when you have our team backing you with their expertise. We provide unlimited, free of cost, customer support via text, email, and call. Our experts offer team-specific training to help your in-house and field professionals get trained to smoothly use the application. And, this training doesn’t take too long, as our application is highly intuitive. With an in-depth knowledge of Field Promax functionalities, your heating and plumbing technicians begin using the app right away. Hence, you attain a paperless heating and plumbing business model, which enhances revenues significantly.

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