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Your computer repair business can operate with excellent mobility now with Field Promax. We have our field service management app available for your on Android and iOS platforms. Everyone in your company can use our app for the purpose of saving time, saving money and improving the convenience and quality of computer repair work. The app allows technicians to see computer repair work orders in different ways like- dashboard view, a map view, and a calendar view. When a technician completes a computer repair, he can get a signature from the customer digitally on our app. The app is to cover every aspect of your computer repair service business.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Creating computer repair work orders for scheduling and dispatching is easy with Field Promax. It is ready to serve you on the Desktop as well as Mobile version. So, whether it is managing customers and field employees from the office or efficiently serving customers on-site, Field Promax is the right solution. You can add automatic creation of certain computer repair work orders that you have to conduct regularly after a fixed time interval. Right from the office, your service managers can send text messages using our app to technicians and customers as well. Our app is highly customizable when it comes to creating work orders, so you can add as many details as you want.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

For every completed repair work, your computer technicians can generate invoices automatically using Field Promax. Your field technicians can use their mobile phones to utilize Field Promax to generate an invoice with all the work details of the needed computer repair. QuickBooks integration with Field Promax enables automated invoicing, while the process details and billing stay stored within QuickBooks. Flexibility in pricing is also possible to manage the invoicing for certain customers. In-house managers can even track the expenses and efficiency of every computer repair work conducted by professionals.

Unlimited Customer Support

Paperless management of your computer repair business is possible with the successful onboarding of our app. The process of adopting our application involves no complications as we provide the right information and support. Our professionals train your employees and answer queries at every step, so you can feel stress-free about the transition process. It takes no time for anyone to learn the functionalities of the app. Even non-techy employees can indulge in a small session of 15-minute training to get ready for better computer repair business management. Our support team stays accessible all the time via text, email and/or call to help you smoothly run your paperless computer repair business model.

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