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Operating a cleaning service presents many challenges of field staff management, work order scheduling, on-time invoicing and more. If your in-house and field cleaning teams struggle to manage all the paperwork, your business needs the aid of Field Promax. In just 15 minutes of simple training, your whole company can become paperless and your professionals can start serving more customers with their cleaning services every day. Our app offers cross-platform compatibility, so your team can use it on Android and iOS devices to generate work orders and invoices. Not only that, Field Promax is a whole package of features and tools that will empower your cleaning service business.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

We have brought customization in the work order creation to match your cleaning service business needs. The app contains drop-down lists, various text boxes, and many features, so you can generate work orders according to your business requirements. Cleaning professionals will see a checklist of tasks associated with every work order, which will enhance the accuracy and quality of services provided to customers. This feature of work order generation is available on mobile and desktop both to make service scheduling and dispatching protected from any confusion or complication. For recurring cleaning tasks, you can set a date for the automated work order generation.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

With Field Promax and QuickBooks integration, you get the ability to sync your cleaning service offerings as well as your customers. Syncing both components saves you from entering one cleaning service requirement two times in the database. And, the invoices are generated by this integrated system automatically. Your cleaning service QuickBooks profile can be connected to Field Promax on desktop and online as well. While the steps of integration are very simple, we still offer our professional guidance if required.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Field Promax will generate invoices of your cleaning services automatically with QuickBooks integration. Your cleaning staff can become more time-efficient when they use our mobile application to email the automatically created invoices after completing a work order. No need to waste any more time in hectic paperwork. Our app utilizes the QuickBooks to generate one invoice for a service provided to a customer. Similarly, all invoices are generated automatically, while the billing and process-related information remain intact within QuickBooks. If you need to charge custom pricing to specific clients, our app makes that possible as well. Cleaning professionals, who work in the field, can monitor their expenses and mileage, which allows you to reimburse them for unexpected expenses.

Unlimited Customer Support

You won’t have to worry about training your employees for onboarding. Leave that job to our professionals without paying any extra money. Our customer support team provides tailored training and guidance for your employees to help them understand the functionalities of our app and start using conveniently. Our support team paves a smooth road with no hurdles to help you reach a paperless model of cleaning service. Beyond successful onboarding, we deliver ongoing support for your in-house team and field staff via email, call, and text. Hence, you can feel stress-free about this transition!

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