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Why Field Service Management Software Is Must-Have For Field Based Businesses

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Customers are the lifeline of any business and Best Field Service Management Software can go a long way in helping field based businesses maintain a healthy and long-term relationship with them.

In the face of intense competition across the field services industry, it has become imperative for field-based businesses to streamline customer-related processes, which ensures continued growth and stability.

Let’s study more in detail about what field service management software is and what exactly it does to make your business more customer-centric than it was ever before.

In simple terms, a field service system offers field-based businesses a single common platform to streamline and manage all their field work operations for both small and complex on-field operations. 

This unique field service software solution is designed to enable both on-field technicians and business administrators to be on the same page regarding the current status of all field tasks. Also, the software helps field-based businesses to know their customers better and foster sustainable and strong business relations with them.

A professional field service management solution is a better alternative to manual records, spreadsheets, databases, calendars, etc.

Why Do Field Service Companies Need To Use The Best Field Service Management Software?

If you own and operate a field-based business and think that more customers mean only more profits then you’re grossly mistaken. This money-centric thought process worked in the 19th century but is out of place now.

Most small and medium-sized field service companies need to hire field technicians for carrying out manual tasks like servicing, repairs, and following up on clients for after sales services.

Today, customers prefer speedy services; they don’t like to wait around. Organizing and streamlining a range of field tasks is crucial to ensure better intra-team and business-customer collaboration.

However, manually creating and maintaining all field business records can be extremely complicated and cumbersome. That’s when using the best field service management software can help you by automating this overwhelming yet crucial task.

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How Field Service Software Can Help Field-Based Businesses To Get More Done In Less Time

1. Manage Your Field Operations From Multiple Devices

Whether you’re in your office or on the go, a good field service software enables you to keep check on all tasks from your desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile seamlessly. A mobile app enables your field technicians to collaborate and update the current status of assigned tasks, so you can schedule the next work order accordingly. This way, you do not have to keep your customers waiting to get their problems fixed. You can give them an approximate idea of when they can expect technicians to arrive on the spot. Valuing customers’ time is the most important trait any reputable and credible field-based business should have.

2. Create, Schedule, And Update Work Orders Through Mobile App

Why need to rush back to your office to create and schedule work orders? With Field Promax mobile app, you can create the work orders and dispatch it right away. The software also offers you the convenience of creating work orders during non-business hours. Why jump on a laptop to create work orders when you can do it on the mobile? You can still attend to your customers and keep them happy while building your field business’ reputation by offering services beyond working hours. Definitely, a big plus!

3. Better Customer Management

Field service businesses can be better organized and more efficient using a field service system with an inbuilt customer management feature. Customer portal provides your high-impact customers the direct accessibility to create/view their own work orders. You can create customer history and use this information to understand their small but important details, their likes and dislikes, their grievances and expectations, which eventually leads to better performance, improved products and services, and better customer interactions and analysis.

4. Custom Pricing For Different Customers

Businesses value their repeating or loyal customers more than new ones. It is a fact that loyal customers are offered special discounts and extra attention, a fact that no field based can deny. Using Field Promax, you can define the prices for products, according to the customer.
When a product is added to a work order, the correct amount is populated. The process is automated. You do not need to recollect how much you charge for a specific, repeat customer as the software will automatically calculate the price you offer to him/her as compared to other customers.

5. No Need To Use A Separate Time Card System

Often, many field-based businesses use a work order management system to bill the customer and a time card system to pay the technicians. This results in a lot of time and efficiency going down the drain. Using a smart field service management system can help!
With Field Promax Work Orders and Timecards are integrated into one system. When the technician checks-in to start the job, the time is automatically also sent to the timecard. Similarly when they check-out of the job, the time is automatically also sent to the timecard. There is no double entry and no errors. Also, the technician’s timecard is filled automatically!

6. Get Digital Signatures Of Customers

Some unethical customers tend to play around with field service businesses. They deny work completion and hesitate to sign work orders even after completing the job. Using a good field service management software, you can upload unlimited number of before-work and after-work images, and send PDF invoices/work orders to your customers.

By providing your customers with all work-related details (work description, resolution, time and labor etc.) digitally, you not only put them at ease but also protect your field business’ interests. Their digital signatures on a mobile app confirms that your technicians have successfully completed the job.

“Customers forgetting work orders after scheduling them?  Use Field Promax today to notify customers of your technicians’ arrival and save plenty of time and money.”

7. No Learning Curve

Many field bases businesses think that using an advanced solution like a field service management software is not easy for blue-collar workers. Also, they take it as an additional expense to invest in new mobile phones to give to their technicians for using this software. 

Since most technicians are using their own mobile phones, they just need to install a Field Promax on their Android or iOS devices, and Get Started in as Little as 15 Minutes! The user-friendly, intuitive app is for everyone – the tech-savvy and the non-techy. Your technicians get a vivid and organized visual of work orders, locations, schedules, and a lot more.

8. Quickbook Integration

Trying to manage your accounting and field technicians in different independent systems is cumbersome and time-consuming. Doing this calls for data double entry, and such a system would create inconsistencies with error-prone data.. However a Work Order Management system integrated with QuickBooks solves this omni-present problem for field based businesses.

An integrated system leverages the QuickBooks Data (customer information and products information) and extends it into the work order management system. The data from QuickBooks is consumed by the Work Order Management system in the office and in the field. This is used to render services to the customer (labor and products). This data is then integrated back into QuickBooks to produce an invoice for the customer.

The Takeaway

Field service businesses have multiple things to manage at the same time, which can drain their valuable resources- time, money, and manpower.

However, a smartly designed and highly functional field service software solution like Field Promax is geared towards keeping both field service businesses and their esteemed customers happy and delighted.

And the best thing about Field Promax is that it has much more to offer than eight crucial benefits you’ve read in this article. The software has all the basic and advanced elements that are required to help your administrative staff, field technicians, and customers happy and keep them coming back.

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