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Changing the Phase of Business: Appliance Repair Software

In a world driven by technology, making use of IT in business can do more good than harm. It makes the process a whole lot easier, which in turn reflects the outcomes achieved by the company. On the contrary, when having a bookkeeping system, it not only turns down the chances of impressing the client but also makes it a little less reliable when compared to the accuracy assured by technology.

Even research suggests a similar story. Similarly, a 20% increase has been observed in cost-saving and time through scheduling the appliance repair software in the business. This can be attributed to the quick response time, ever-ready technicians, instant payment options and accuracy in paperwork, all of which comes with it.

Having a software solution designed for appliance repair helps the business in the following ways:


   * Telephonic services

   * Notifications by way of messages

   * Improve customer service

   * Better management

   * Enhanced scheduling and dispatching


Accurate estimation and invoice and payment options

Here is a more detailed explanation as to why one should opt for appliance repair management software:


Well Planned Routes and Schedules


Sometimes it does happen that unaware of the customer’s requirement; the technician might reach the location only to find out that an essential tool is missing. This results in a certain amount of time being wasted to get back to the store to get the right set of tools. However, in the case of software in place, when the technicians leave in the morning, they could create routes based on appointment times and locations. By reducing the travel distance between jobs, the technicians end up spending lesser time on the road and more time conducting money-making repairs. This also saves on the fuel and reduces vehicle wear and tear with optimized routes and schedules.


Improve Scheduling Experience


Through the usage of appliance repair service software, it automatically requests information when a customer schedules an appointment online, which may improve the efficiency of service provided. One can create fields that ask for the appliance make and model number, what problem the machine is having, and any history of malfunctions. These helpful pieces of information increase the chances of fixing the problem in one short itself. But not only this, such software might come with the integrated calendar functionality. This can help easily drag-and-drop the appointments to any day of the week. Thus, appliance repair software serves in tracking job types easily and efficiently.


Invoicing and Online Payments


Yet another attractive feature is invoicing and online payments. These can be tracked via email integration. A fully secure mobile customer signature amenity is also inevitable for moving forward with the appliance repair tasks, especially for workers who are at their job locations to get approval for continuing with their respective tasks.


Instant Upgrading of Work Done


In continuation to the previous point, with the ability to capture customer signatures and instant invoice being created, the same can be updated to the back-end team. This helps in reducing back-office data entry and disputes. Additionally, customer records can be accessed and updated from a mobile phone or a tablet.

Upgrading the Work Done


Improved User Interface with Accessibility Over Simpler Devices Like Tabs and Mobiles

With the software on their phones, it reduces the hassle of constantly checking with the repair team for scheduling the week. Providing mobile access to the repair technicians makes it easy for them to access their schedule, track repairs, keep a hold of the customer history and service manuals, and so on.
Also, having an internet connected device allows to easily sync the job status, customer payments, and signatures. Thus, it makes the process easy and effective. This makes the day-to-day bookkeeping simple.


Eliminating Double Entry


Another key feature of an eminent appliance repair software solution is the ability to eliminate the risk of inaccuracies. Additionally, it eliminates the need for increased paper documentation while in the field. This will significantly decrease the chance of losing important notes and forms while on the job.


Standardize Pricing Techniques


If the technicians are allowed to bid jobs in the field, they may be inadvertently over or undercharge the customers. Overcharges affect customer satisfaction and referral rates, while undercharges negatively impact the overall turnover.

Software these days come with a job expense tracking feature which makes it easy to keep an eye on the profits. By analyzing replacement part costs, fuel and vehicle costs, and labor costs (including payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and employee benefits), it becomes easy to figure out how much to charge for each specific job. The accurate cost estimation technique allows in balancing the income to expenses ratio perfectly.


Avoid Overstocking and Understock


A major share of expense goes into the spare parts inventory. If not appropriately kept, it might mean a hole in the profits.

It’s easy for replacement parts to get lost in the shuffle at the end of each workday. And so, there is a possibility of creating a situation of understock even when that’s not the case. Smart inventory management via your appliance repair software helps save money on parts and maximize the available storage space.


Increased Efficiency Of Staff


It allows you to identify available team members instantly and can send job information, customer history, GPS directions, and individual customer notes directly to the members, all of it while they are still working out in the field. A proficient appliance repair scheduling software saves time and makes communication much easier. It helps streamline the schedules, gaining the ability to instantly reorganize the repair teams’ work activities and tracking the repair crew. In contrast, they work in the field in real-time, generating work orders, and creating accurate invoices are the major advantages of such a solution.


SMS And Email Notifications and Alerts


Notifications, alerts, appointment reminders and confirmation requests help keep track of the job status and thus increase employee productivity.


Tailor-Fit Services


Different businesses have different requirements. Understanding this need, with the software in place, it makes itself customizable according to the varying needs.

Being the owner of an appliance repair company, the technicians’ aptitude for diagnosing and fixing problems determines the success rate of the company. So, efficient work is expected from technicians, when operating the business. The same is expected from the owner to improve the overall success rate of the company. With the software in place, consider the job done!

Author Name :

Joy Gomez

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