Pluming business includes a pretty vast diversity of specializations. Running a plumbing business requires not only great industry-specific skills, but also a good set of business skills, to manage your employees, balance the books and keep track of all your equipment.

FieldPromax can make your life easier and business more organized by taking care of all the issued mentioned above.
Do you get too many customer calls every day to manage? Is it hard for you to keep track of the schedule of your employees? Do you still use hard-copy work orders to dispatch service providers and get the work done?

Good news! We have created an intuitive work order management software especially for a plumbing company like yours. With our scheduling tool you can create an online work order as soon as you get a call from your customer, check the availability of your service providers and assign the work to the right person in just a couple of minutes.
We know that very often your service providers are not in the office when you receive a new service order. So you have to check the schedule, call one of your plumbers and tell them what they need to do, when and where. Even the people with best memory will find it difficult to remember all the information, plus, why do you have to spend so much time on calls?

With our Android and iOS apps, your service providers will get notified as soon as a work order has been assigned to them. They will have all the details right in their pocket any time they need it. Moreover, they will be able to make notes, list the products they used for repair and upload images.

Our mobile app will empower your employees to help you grow your business!
Now that the job is done, it is only fair to get paid for it and the sooner, the better, right?

With FieldPromax, sending an invoice to your customer will take just a couple of seconds. As soon as the job is completed by your service provider, you will get notified on our web application and the only thing left to do is to approve it and the invoice is ready to be sent!
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