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Top 10 Field Service Software in 2023: Explained in Detail

Top 10 Field Service Software in 2022

The Field Service Management Industry has been at its peak in recent years as it helps brands and industries grow. It has contributed to its customers’ increased statistics and healthy development through its features and resources. The Field Service Software has played a significant role in streamlining business processes, organizational strengthening through proper scheduling, dispatching, and management of work orders.

Field Service software is deployed to manage different business sections like work orders, technician Scheduling and Dispatching, tracking, monitoring, and reports analysis. The software is designed to function with AI, IoT, GPS, and other integrations to give the perfect result to users. It works with industries that work in the field like electricians, PlumbingGarage Door ServicesHVAC, etc.

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Field Promax is a field service software company that organizes and manages field work orders, generates Invoices and Estimates, automates services, and majorly connects the field and the office in real-time. Their mobile app is designed to assist technicians in creating invoices from the field, tracking their working hours and equipment, and finding destinations. The software is one of the top field service software that is user-friendly and has exquisite features that enrich the business of its users.

Top Features:

  • The Field Promax Mobile App allows technicians to collect signatures and upload field pictures, while it can also be configured to decide what will be visible to whom.
  • It links time cards with work orders to prevent malpractices or working hour errors. Understand whether any part of the technician’s time was not accounted to the client to increase your billable hours.
  • With expense tracking, you can track and reimburse your technicians for any unexpected expenses that they may incur.
  • When the job is complete, technicians can post on QuickBooks to produce an invoice automatically. This preserves your present workflow, and all billing is still aggregated in QuickBooks.

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2. zipBoard


zipBoard is a digital review software that allows teams to collaborate and markup on web pages, videos, HTML, PDFs and images, all in one project. zipBoard is used by teams in various industries all over the world to review.

Top Features:

  • Clients, Subject Matter Experts and other external stakeholders can provide feedback using guest links.
  • Comments can be transferred into tasks that are assigned to team members.
  • Review various content types (PDF, HTML, video, images, webpages).
  • Record your screen to share complex steps.

3. Service Titan

Service Titan

This service managing business software is trusted by many lead service companies and a large number of working professionals. It helps improve sales and customer experiences, reduce unnecessary expenses, and streamline your business successfully. With Paperless Invoicing, And excellent sales tools Service Titan has helped service companies like George Brazil, Goettl and Hunter Heat and Air expand their business results.

Top Features:

  • It has various tools for different industries, like an HVAC load calculator, to determine the heating and cooling requirements based on its design and specifications.
  • It works as a free invoice generator that can be saved and emailed via mobile phones from the field itself.
  • It provides an ROI calculator to estimate the return revenue based on investments on an analysis of more than 2,000 customers.
  • This field manager can also provide key metrics that professionals can use to keep tabs on the company’s growth rate.

4. FieldEdge


The software is designed to help industries like HVAC, electricians, Heating and Plumbing, cleaning services, and other field-based companies streamline their operations in the office and the field. It provides premium services to complete work orders faster and increase profit simultaneously. It helps businesses connect every aspect of their system in one platform.

Top Features:

  • It gives you a unique and detailed view of the work orders and helps assign the right technician based on skills and availability.
  • Their dashboard gives intense information about the actual and potential sales, upcoming service agreements, and technician’s contribution.
  • The software dispatches technicians with accurate customer information and data without even entering their property by providing reliable services.
  • The software comes with proper inventory management to track all equipment within 4,000 square feet, whether in a warehouse or a vehicle.

5. KickServ


The Kickserv Field Service software helps simplify business processes through their easy solutions. They help monitor and guide teams on the field through GPS features. It provides basic solutions like a calendar view of the upcoming events and orders, invoicing and Estimates, scheduling, etc.  Their easy-to-use interface works well with any kind of field service needs and requirements.

Top Features:

  • Their online payment features make it hassle-free for technicians to ask for payment through credit cards.
  • They help manage all the parts involved in a work order from scheduling, tracking, dispatching, and collecting the payment on completion.
  • It is Integrated with QuickBooks and Xero to provide a higher experience for their users.

6. Service Fusion

The software works remotely to deliver high-speed and well-coordinated services on the field for customers. They ensure that the work is wholly digitalized and centralized within one system. It helps professionals access them from any location and any time zone. The field service software provides a 360 view of the business operations at any required time.

Service Fusion

Top Features:

  • Automated payment, work order, Reports, and other reminders
  • They allow customers to reach them through their inbuilt VoIP phone software to track information from phone calls and improve outcomes
  • With fusion pay, users can collect all the payments in one place without switching between different systems for the invoice.

7. FieldEz

The field service software is constructed to deliver consulting and automated services. They have combined IoT, mobiltity, and cloud analytics to provide small and medium businesses the right solutions. Their digital initiatives benefit multiple organizations in various industries enhance their productivity and efficiency on the field. Their mobile app interface ensures optimum performance and complete customer satisfaction.


Top Features:

  • They provide secure chatting spaces for customers service and data enhancement.
  • Track employees’ attendance on the mobile app at any time of the day. With integrated time cards, billable hours are under surveillance.
  • The software promotes the organization’s digitalization to have complete access and history of every data and document.
  • It also promotes organized job scheduling by dragging and dropping work orders and assigned technicians on the Calendar.

8. ServiceMax

The software empowers users to provide valuable resources to all the requirements. It provides infrastructure support through the cloud, where all the data can be uploaded from anywhere and accessed anytime. They also provide guided facilities to find the right solution for your business and its requirements. It is built to help asset-centric industries via their features and integrations. They provide product innovation and have unique market expertise.


Top Features:

  • It provides a collaborative platform where you can overview all your business reports and data.
  • Their mobile app service has increased technician productivity up to 23% and is configured to provide asses to IoT diagnostics, checklists, asset data, information base etc.
  • It helps technicians connect with Customers to resolve issues in a secure and encrypted medium.

9. On the Go

This popular field service management software empowers service providers to track, plan, assign and monitor their work orders with agility and convenience. It helps optimize operations, reduce expenses and build the efficiency of the technicians both on and off the field. It enables the workforce to increase productivity with Inventory Tracking, service reports, feedback, and invoice generation.

Top Features:

  • It is an intuitive work order scheduling system that helps track the essential equipment for the field, the location of the technician, and the working hours in one place.
  • The software notifies customers of updates regarding their work orders, schedules, and technician whereabouts.
  • It provides quotations and invoices based on the assigned job, which the technicians can customize before sending it to the customers.
  • The software allows customers to send feedback within evaluation parameters. It helps enhance the satisfaction of customers and rectify the gaps.

10. Salesforce Field Service


Salesforce has been an all-rounder helping various brands and industries, including the Field Service Industry. It provides flexibility to organizations to work both online and offline. It provides speedy access to knowledge articles and SLA tracking to create and manage work orders. It helps with strategic scheduling by taking work orders, technicians, and customer convenience into account.

Top Features:

  • It allows technicians to use image recognition to identify the fitting spare parts and eliminate confusion.
  • It provides field service analytics to understand the operational performance and KPIs.
  • The mobile app provides first visit resolutions through AI on inventory data, knowledge articles, scheduling information, etc.

The industries mentioned above have been contributed to high success rates across various industries and organizations in the past few years. In 2023, these organizations are sure to enhance their technological influence and empower their fields to increase quality and standards for the end user’s satisfaction and convenience. All the field service software in the article serves their primary goal of assisting industries with a smooth and stressless field solution. They aim to bridge the field and the office to give the best possible results.

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