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How to Improve Customer Experience in Field Service: The Role of Emerging Technology

customer satisfaction

It is vital for businesses engaged in field services to keep a close check on the satisfaction levels of their customers. Only if you score higher on customer experience, organic growth and scalability will be achieved in your business. According to current research, by 2025, 70% of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit derived from implementing field service management, up from approximately 50% today. But to satisfy customers, they must adapt their current service models and keep up with customers’ needs. But where do you begin?

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In today’s time, the market competition has become rather fierce. No matter where you are located or what service you offer to your customers, someone else is already doing that under another name. So, when it comes to choosing a field service provider, customers have options now. Before hiring someone, people now go to the internet and do serious research. First, they find out what companies are in the consumer services field, which of them provide the required services, who has the best review, who offer the best deal, and so on. All this is now readily available at your fingertips. Therefore, if you want to be their number one choice, you need to be unique. Do something that makes you easily stand apart from the crowd. And your best bet in this regard is to offer an unforgettable customer experience. 

Technology has changed the way services are delivered across the world. It enables you to reduce customer churn by addressing each customer’s concerns in a minimally disruptive way. Advanced technologies such as big data, AI, voice analytics, and visualization allow your field technicians, back-office staff, and customers to make the human connections needed to deliver flawless products and services. Similarly, we have seen best-in-class concepts and technologies such as dynamic scheduling and seamless asset-data flow become far more prevalent in the industry. 


With the advent of field service management software, the industry underwent a complete overhaul. This cutting-edge technology has been a game changer in achieving so many goals in field service management. But more importantly, it has become instrumental to provide the best possible customer experience by service delivery companies. 

In this post, you will find out how this stunning piece of technology is helping field service providers push the envelope and make the impossible possible. So, let’s jump right into the discussion.


People are now more comfortable with self-service rather than talking to an executive over the phone for hours. They want everything delivered to their doorstep with just a few touches on their computer or smartphone. So, why field service delivery should be any different? 

Customers now expect an uber-like experience from their field service providers enabling them to find the answers they are looking for. If you are doing things manually, you can never be able to achieve this goal in your business. However, if you have automated your processes with field service software, this becomes child’s play. From booking work orders to asking for quotations, your customers can find every solution via computer/smartphone. 

Field Promax has some more exciting features in store for you. When it comes to self-service, this smart digital solution has come up with the perfect plan. When you sign up for the software, it provides you with a custom link that you can directly copy-paste on your website. As soon as your customers click on that, it guides them to Field Promax where they can place a service request or ask for quotes. So, no extra hassle in providing self-service.

2. Customer Database Management

Customer Database Management

For successful field service management, managing customer data holds paramount importance. If you cannot access customer information in time, it becomes a great impediment to the entire process, from assigning technicians to generating invoices. Besides, if you don’t provide your technicians with proper job details, your service quality is going to be heavily compromised, which can potentially affect your customer experience to a great extent. 

To this end, you need a sound documentation system. However, traditional paper-based systems prove to be rather cumbersome in this regard. You will be lost under a pile of paperwork when looking for particular customer information. The older it gets, the harder it becomes to find out. Therefore, you need a better database management system where you can get hold of things in a matter of seconds.

This is where field service tools prove to be live savers. They are designed with cutting-edge cloud storage, organizing and storing all your data in digital format. You can access the information via computer or smartphone anytime and anywhere. Besides, once they are saved, they are secured for eternity.

Field Promax takes the game a few notches further. Along with safe, smart cloud storage, it also integrates with QuickBooks. This means you can import all your data between these two platforms and use them for a variety of tasks, including job orders, scheduling, generating invoices, payment tracking, and so on.

3. Follow Up

Email Notification

Another crucial aspect of customer experience these days is the option to follow up. If your customers are unable to keep up with what’s going on with their service requests, chances are they are not returning to you when they require any service again. But how do you keep them in the loop?

The answer is simple– by using field service management tools. For example, Field Promax offers dedicated mobile apps for field service technicians, powered by GPS technology. With this, you can track the current location of your field technicians in real-time and readily alert your customers when they will be arriving at the job site. The software solution can also send notifications both to your customers as well as technicians reminding them of upcoming appointments. Moreover, your technicians can also share images as proof of work. 

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4. Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is a crucial part of your business strategy. It helps you understand where you stand with your service and where can you improve in enhancing customer satisfaction. Soliciting honest feedback from your customers can pinpoint problems and highlight opportunities for you. If done properly, customer feedback can dramatically improve your customer service and unlock a wide range of valuable insights. 

Field service management solutions establish seamless communication channels between you and your customers. With this, you can seamlessly connect with them and collect feedback regarding your service. 

5. Repeated Orders

Estimating Software

The primary source of your revenue comes from a loyal customer base. Therefore, it is important to have a proper system in place to serve repeat customers with the best customer experience possible. Make sure they come back to you every time they need service. 

Field service solutions make this job easy. For example, Field Promax has a dedicated system to manage recurrent orders. It automatically schedules repeat job orders and sends notifications to customers. This way, it ensures no business opportunity slips the crack.

Final Words

The service industry is being driven in exciting new directions by the development and integration of a range of new technologies. Cutting-edge technology is helping to drive a service paradigm of greater visibility, efficiency, and profitability with maximized device uptime. Adopting the right technology allows you to achieve higher customer retention without adding to your workforce. And all of this could be achieved with very little effort. All you need to do is choose the right field service management software. Once you go digital, you will be surprised to see how efficient customer service could be in your organization, and how much it can contribute to your business growth. 

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