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How to Schedule and Dispatch, Manage Bills and Track your Work Orders in one place?

Work Orders Track

Technicians have a lot to monitor and manage between the office and the field. Things can get pretty hectic, from scheduling and dispatching to tracking the work orders to managing the bills. Considering all the papers and data contributing to this function, managing them manually is hard. Field Service Management Software is the solution to simplify work for different field service departments. It makes sure they have everything under surveillance and in one place. With FSM Software in hand, technicians and business owners can smoothly navigate through their responsibilities in one place from different locations.

Let’s begin with, What is field service management?

Field Service management refers to the management of the assets, technicians, and work done outside the company building. It is inclined towards industries like construction, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Garage Services, Property Management, etc. Field service management makes sure all the work done on the field is monitored and completed efficiently to ensure high profitability. This is possible with the help of field service management software. The FSM software includes various features that simplify fieldwork and increase productivity.

What are field service software’s primary features?

  • Scheduling and dispatching

    These two companions are crucial features of the IT field service management software. Instead of all the piled-up papers and files on your desk, Field Service Scheduling Software organizes and schedules all the work orders digitally. Work orders can be seamlessly customized by dragging and dropping them on a specific date on the calendar along with the designated field professional for the job. In advanced software operations, the technician’s availability, skill level, and location can be assorted before scheduling them to the task. The calendar view of the technicians on the job and those available helps avoid overbooking or any other errors in the process. The calendar also sends technicians reminders of their schedules, text messages in case of dispatch or cancellation, etc.

  • Estimates and Invoices

    Every job begins with an estimate. The field service business software gives the flexibility to create estimates from the office and the field. A well professional estimate helps win more jobs and revenue. An accurate estimate that resembles the final invoice creates a happy customer. A good estimate generates good profits.

    Send the estimates electronically to the customers for approval.

    The FSM software automatically converts an approved estimate into a work order. The work order is then dispatched to the technician and eventually converted into an invoice.

  • Tracking:

    Equipment Tracking

    The field service software provides insights on every corner of your business, from the office to the field and everything in between. The software can track different parts of the business, which helps keep the business on track and make better progress.

    • Equipment Tracking:

      When customers have large equipment and you are charged with its annual or bi-annual maintenance, it is important for you to have its maintenance history. Good maintenance history helps provide a better service while giving you the opportunity to upsell products. FSM software provides the flexibility to access and maintain history while on the field.

    • Know where your technicians are:

      When your technicians are on the field, you are able to know their location on a map. Such information is vital in running an efficient field operation. For example: If there is an emergency call that needs to be attended to immediately, it would benefit to know where the nearest technician is located. FSM software is able to map all the work orders using the geocode of the customer address. This helps attain a birdseye view of the work in progress.

    • Reports and Dashboard

      The field service software dashboard allows you to view your daily, weekly, and monthly progress and performance rate. It shows the graph or chart of your business processes and gives you a clear view of how things are performing. Reports are also updated on the service business management software to help you understand the company’s daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly activities. The Reports and Dashboard features help with better decision-making and understanding the organization’s health.

    • Customer management

      Field service management also helps you manage your customers alongside your fieldwork. With the integration of QuickBooks, sending invoices to customers becomes easier and quicker. Additionally, customers receive SMS notifications about the work order, and the technician dispatched. They can also easily cancel, reschedule or repeat their work orders using the field service software.

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How does it benefit technicians and business owners?

    • Mobile app

      Mobile App

      Field service management is more efficient with their personalized mobile app. It allows technicians to generate invoices on the field, track equipment, capture images of the work done, track their working hours, and communicate with fellow field professionals. The mobile app helps business owners track the technician on the field using GPS Features, and it helps technicians report from the field.

    • Access data from any location and any time

      Most field service software like Field Promax is cloud-based which can access data from anywhere at any time. This helps business owners and technicians send and receive data from the office and the field in real-time. The cloud platform allows team leads to schedule work orders even if they are not in the office through the software. It helps increase the efficiency of the work and saves time.

    • Ontime and accurate billing for Increased profitability

      Billing Software

      Customers can complete their payment via online transactions, QR scanning, or cash with accurate estimates and invoices. It helps prevent late payments or any loss in the cash flow. FSM software provides the infrastructure for accurate and on-time billing. With internally built mechanisms one is easily able to identify work orders that have not been billed. Such mechanisms reduce invoice turnaround times, thereby increasing cash flow.

Field Promax is a one-stop management software integrated with QuickBooks to provide their customers the best platform to streamline their work orders, manage their bills, and track their organization. Don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials on the QuickBooks App Center.

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