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Why Going Paperless Makes Sense For Office Field Service Business

Paperless field service

In today’s digital world, most businesses are going paperless office field service to increase their operational efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance their business growth. Are you successfully running any service field service business such as HVAC, Access control system, Alarm Installation, Fire and security, etc., or any other business which involves field professionals? Yes! Do you also want to go paperless and opt for the best field service management software but little confused about its need? If so, then this article is for you. Of course, at the end of this article, you will get to know about the best Service Business Scheduling Software for small business growth! So, keep reading it!

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Top 8 Reasons Why Going Paperless is ideal for Service Business!
Scheduling and Dispatching

Going digital with the right paperless office field service software solutions, you can ensure professionalism among your workforce. If your business involves field professionals, then using the right field team management software can lead to better team management and professionalism among your workforce. An FSM software helps you create a work order for your technician from anywhere. That means a fieldworker can get his task assigned digitally no matter your location and access all the required information to execute that task. A software offering a GPS tracking feature can even help you track the visibility of your mobile team. It will bring out a sense of accountability among your workforce.

2. Proper Scheduling and Dispatching

Lawn Care Scheduling and Dispatching

Businesses involving field services often face challenges such as the absence of workflow or delayed receiving/assigning orders, leading to scheduling overlaps. With the right paperless office field service software solutions, you can easily assign duties to your field professionals, such as technicians or any other specialists depending on their availability. You can easily create the work order and dispatch it right away in a lesser time, even during non-business hours, if the need occurs. Thereby, you are attending to your customers beyond your working hours and building your brand’s good reputation.

Field Promax offers the best field service management software solution that takes care of proper Scheduling and Dispatching to monitor your field operations effectively. It can allow you to create and schedule work orders from your desktop, mobile, or emails and automatically generate work orders for recurring work. Your technicians will get a text or notifications about related work orders and stay updated on their job. If you are also looking for any such software solution, then you may give it a try!

In short, you can get scheduling done in real-time and adjust your field professionals without delays. It will save your time and enhance order within your business

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3. Reduced cost

Invoice Details for flagger certification

After proper scheduling of tasks, you can increase your operational efficiency and reduce the cost of production in the following ways-

  • Capturing billing information in the field and generating invoices/timesheets.
  • Scheduling the required resources to eliminate crew overlap.
  • Cut down your fuel cost by providing more efficient routes.
  • Reducing overtime costs by ensuring workload is spread evenly among your workers.

Also, you may require to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars on replacing the black or color ink cartridges of a printer, depending on the need of your business. Going paperless reduces extra costs by avoiding printing presentations, using notepads, and replacing them with digital notes. As hard copy presentations are costly to supply and your remote workers will find it a little difficult to get them, you are getting another reason to go digital!

4. Improved Flexibility

People with cloud network storage symbols

The introduction of cloud technology allows a business to be more flexible in accessing files. It is now easier to work from multiple locations. Let us take an example. Your office is in A city, and you are currently present in B city. Now, you want a file or data to work in B city. How is it possible to have that file that is present at your workplace without attending the office? Simple! By logging into your cloud account, access that important file and work smoothly from anywhere. You are getting another benefit of going paperless! The convenience of going paperless operation can save a lot of trouble while accessing files or data.

5. Promotes Security of Business Information

Physical documents are at risk of theft, fire, or any disaster and can easily get lost due to misplacement. They may get damaged due to a lack of proper storage conditions. While on the other hand, digital copies are more secure and encrypted. It is easy to track who is leaking or misusing important files. By using paperless office field service software, however, you can decide who can access a file or who can not. Only authorized users can have a right to access those files. Therefore, there will be less chance of falling the sensitive information into the wrong hands. Thereby you are maintaining the privacy of a document too. But it is advisable to secure your online files with good data management software and stay alert to any suspicious activity from cybercriminals.

6. Win Loyalty of your Customer

Scheduling & Dispatching Software

Going digital and opting for good software solutions can somehow improve customer satisfaction and, in turn, helps you win their loyalty. What’s the one thing that can irritate your customer and turn him off? It’s a delayed response to his request!

If you are running a field service business, choosing the Best Service Dispatch Software with an inbuilt customer management feature can help in better customer management. It can allow quick responses to your customer queries. You can create and check customer history and save important details of your customers, such as what they like or dislike about your services, and understand your customer in a better way. Doing this will result in good customer analysis, improved service, and overall better performance.

7. Saves Space and Environment

Mobile app view

Your office should have enough space not only for Chairs and tables but for documents too. Sticking to documents for a long time and looking for the required information would be a little difficult. This is where paperless office field service software becomes instrumental for your business. By going paperless, your files will be stored in cloud storage and accessed from anywhere. Interestingly, you can easily find the file you were looking for by searching with a few words only!

Do you know that about 50% of business waste is paper? By going digital and paperless, you avoid using paper and thus saving trees from cutting and greatly reducing your impact on the local landfill. In short, you are reducing the chances of global warming and saving the environment.

8. Limiting Physical contact during a Health Crisis

In the era of COVID-19, going paperless is becoming an urgent priority for many companies. Being free of paper means there will be less chance of interaction among owners, coworkers, and customers. Of course, the health of your workers must be important to you. A paperless business may prove to be a safer business or reduce the risk of becoming infected with the deadly virus, at least during a pandemic.

Suppose your business involves the role of workers to visit customers’ homes. In that case, avoiding contact with customers by going paperless, like generating digital invoices or getting their digital signature for any purpose, will be a good step. By doing this, you are avoiding any risk of spreading the infection to workers and customers and thus, paying attention to the safety of their health.

After reading all these benefits, you may also want to look for the best field service planning software to meet the demands of your small or medium business. Digital transformation is a must! And so, you should also try the right software solution for your business!

Wrapping Up

The discussion could be summed up in one simple question–Is there any software solution that can provide all of the above benefits to service businesses involving field professionals?

And the answer is YES! Field Promax offers the best field service management software designed to overcome challenges faced by all types of field service businesses, from window cleaning to plumbing. It ensures proper streamlining and automation of tasks among workers and promotes their productivity. It allows better team management by ensuring quick communication with your technicians, processing work orders digitally, better service to your customers, promoting brand image and helping you grow your field service business. It takes care of proper scheduling and dispatching, estimates, timekeeping, GPS tracking, team management, and much more! This solution goes beyond the fundamental feature to provide maximum satisfaction to your workforce, customers, and business.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are among those who own a small or medium field service business, you can give this amazing professionally designed Field Promax software a try and experience a win-win situation for your business, workers, and of course, Customers too! Most importantly, avoid physical contact among the workforce or customers and stay safe during the pandemic by going paperless!

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