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Essential Tips For Estimating And Quoting A Painting Job

Painting Quotation

If you are a painting service provider, it is crucial to price, estimate, and quote for your painting job service. Quotations are crucial as they are the deciding factor if you will get the project or not. Apart from that, it is also important for setting clear expectations. Quoting is not only about setting a price for your service, but it is also about meeting the customer expectations.

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Here we will discuss various aspects that help in fair quoting of a painting job. The following tips are helpful for start-ups as well as seasoned businesses. Let’s have a look:

The estimation can be a tough job, and it should begin by visiting the client’s space. You can’t offer an estimate sitting in your office without inspecting the property. This also allows meeting the client and developing a good work rapport. You also get to inspect the space and have a look at its condition. This helps in estimating the efforts and time you need for painting job. Having a look at the property enables you to come up with an accurate price for your service as you can calculate the area of the property.


The next thing is to determine the time for completion of the project. This is an important aspect of estimation, and it depends on your experience and manpower you have. It is important to project the time before estimating the price. If you take 5 hours to paint a single room, you can multiply 5 hours with several rooms that you need to paint. If you are a newbie, you can make use of the Time Tracking Software to get an idea of how long you take to paint one room.

One needs to determine how much you want to charge for per hour service, as this is the cost of labor. This needs to be calculated before the cost of material and other supplies. If you wish to charge $25/hour, and you take 10 hours to paint two rooms, you can earn $250. Hourly pricing is a good strategy as you can complete work quickly and take more jobs every day. The experts who can complete the job in lesser time can benefit from hourly pricing by taking multiple projects a day.

Painting Business

One needs to calculate the paint you need for each project. You can do it with experience or with the help of paint calculator. You can then add this cost to the quotation. Usually, the cost of supplies such as rollers, ladders, plaster, and brushes are overhead costs and are not added to the quotes. Certain businesses charge an additional of 15%-20% on the top of their quote to cover the overhead cost. Warp the quotation with the cost of sales or service tax.

You can use the project management and Estimating Software for accurate estimation by logging the prices for each service that you offer. This will make the quoting process easier. Next time you need to quote your client, you need to search for the service or a room type by tag name, and you will be able to quote easily in no time.

Invoicing Software

Charging for Painting Job

There is no specific rule or standard pricing. The project must make sense financially. Usually, it depends on the time, experience, and labor required for a particular job. You can create your pricing spreadsheet for the services you offer. Also, try to keep the prices updated in the quoting and Invoicing Software so that you can charge considering inflation, effort, and profit.

One must work with a client that is a good fit for you. Even a good quote is not effective if you are offering to a customer who isn’t a good fit. If the client begins to lower your price, it can create trouble for you. One needs to avoid such clients. Negotiating will cost your time and energy and lead to unnecessary frustration. If they ask to lower the quotation significantly, it is time to bid goodbye to them. These are pickiest people, and the deal may not prove to be profitable for you.

You must also avoid giving a vague quotation to the client. You must offer a precise quote that to on a professional template. A handwritten quote on the back of a paper or business card shows that you don’t invest in image building. The client may perceive it to be a sloppy service and might not take you seriously. Make a quotation on a good template and ensure that it is neat and impressive. If you wish to create a distinct image from the competitors, using Quoting Software is a great idea. Also, quoting software helps in keeping track of client information and accounts. It automates the follow-up process so that you can keep in touch with potential leads.

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Include as much information as possible in the quote. There must be information about what components are included in the quote, along with what you are painting. Mention about tax as well. Lack of information can create an unprofessional image. When you offer a detailed quote, it reflects your level of service and professional approach. It gives the client an idea of the services that you are providing for the price charged. It is the right way to gain trust and credibility so that there is complete transparency.


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You are only halfway through with detailed quotes, good prices, and customer service. You also need to stay organized and follow-up after a quote as it helps in building trust and relationships. It shows that you care about the lead. If you are occupied, you can follow-up on best and promising leads that have chances of conversion instead of all the quotes. If you are not experienced enough, you can find out ways to follow-up after making a quote manually. You can also make the follow-up easier with the help of automated quote follow-up software.

Quotation plays a significant role in striking a deal, so make sure you practice the right measures and use correct software.

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