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2023’s Top 5 Proven Ways to Increase Productivity in Field Service Management Team

Proven Productivity for Field Service Team

The Field Service Industry is solely dependent on the productive service of their teams to develop and expand in a limited time. These industries include Electrical, Property Management, Garage Door Services, HVAC Service, etc. The teams sent out on the field require proper motivation and resources to enhance their productivity.

Productivity is an essential factor in all business areas, niches and grounds. Productivity is associated with progress and efficient working within a given time period. In a more technical sense, productivity can be defined based on the ratio of the outputs and the inputs. It can be labor, money, services, education, investments, etc.

There is various software that helps boost the productivity of employees and field professionals in different forms like time management, project management, scheduling, dispatching, tracking progress, and more.

1. Time Management:

This is one of the crucial and most important factors for improving your productivity. Managing your time, being punctual, meeting deadlines, and putting your time to good use are significant contributors to productive working. With proper time tracking with the help of schedules, time tracker apps, or personal deadlines, field service technicians can complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. The Field Service Management team comprises technicians and managers, including both on-field and off-field employees.

Feature Time Management

Field Promax can help both these field service teams manage their time by uploading all their files onto the cloud and accessing it from the field and the office simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and calls.

2. Deadlines Management:

These are important for effectively completing a given task. Productivity is seen at its best when a goal is achieved in a confined space or time. This helps the mind focus, avoid distractions and devote themselves towards giving their best. The field service industry works with schedules, and technicians are dispatched accordingly. They don’t specifically have deadlines rather have to reach their destination on time and complete it in the scheduled working hours. In rare situations, technicians tend to exceed their time limit if the task is big or complicated.

Deadline Management

Field Promax is integrated with GPS Features to track the duration to reach the destination and help technicians be punctual. It allows the leaders to track them on the field. The software also provides time cards that allow technicians to track their working hours and increase their billable hours.

3. Multi-tasking:

For better productivity, people prefer to avoid multi-tasking. This is because it divides the concentration and delays the export of the project. Multi-tasking also paves the way for errors, silly mistakes, and lag in completing the task. This could also hinder the teammates’ work and others involved in the project.

Multi Tasking

Here’s good news for field professionals if you love to multi-task. Field Promax allows you to complete your tasks and create error-free invoices right from the field. The Field Service Mobile App allows you to monitor the work from any location, even when you’re at home having breakfast. This software elevates your productivity at your convenience.

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4. Technicians Management:

As a field service company, it is important to know the potential of each of your technicians and dispatch the right one for the task. With qualified and experienced technicians, work is done quicker and better. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of the team members can help make these decisions easier for the leaders.

Technicians Management

Field Promax allows smooth Team Management and communication through its mobile app. Managers can keep track of their technician’s everyday progress and analyze their abilities quickly. It also helps overbooking technicians who are already scheduled for another task.

5. Analysis:

A constant and proper analysis of the organization’s daily, weekly and monthly progress and its components can help track productivity. Having a clear understanding of how the technicians are working, the daily incomes, how many work orders are placed, Scheduled and Dispatched, etc. can help analyze the productive level of the organization.


Field Promax provides a Report and Dashboard feature where organizations can track their progress throughout the day, week, or month in graphs and charts. This helps with better decision-making and finding ways to increase productivity.

Productivity begins from properly managing everything at hand like time, teams, projects, reports, etc. With these five popularly proven steps, field service management teams can easily handle their tools, work, and productivity. To eliminate errors, the best way is to avoid manual work and introduce software that can help with supporting the entire business from the back to the front, like Field Promax. They have helped various industries working with Field Promax expand their boundaries and elevate their standards and productivity at the same time. It’s your turn now.

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