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How Can Small Businesses Soar High with Field Service Management

FSM Software to Boost your Small Business

It is an undeniable fact that the Field Service Management Software has been taking over the market by storm. The Field Service Software Industries that began in 2010 has increased its value to 3.5 billion in 2020. It has carried the burden of many business owners and CEOs by doing the absolute work of making life easier and simpler with its services. Its aim to satisfy and improve customer experience through its service is inevitable. With their upgraded cloud-based platform, Field Service Management can help businesses mobilize their service, helping customers and increase their own profit. The integration of small and medium-sized businesses with field service management software creates a great impact on the overall effectiveness and working of the business.

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Field Promax being a pioneer in the field service management industry has always promoted features that enhance the working and convenience of both the industries and their customers. It ensures that all the work orders, technicians, invoices and data are in their respective place and are reachable when needed. The software allows small businesses to expand boundaries in a short span of time and manage their resources within a few taps.

Here are 5 ways through which Small Business can soar high the Field Service Management Software.

 1. Scheduling

No business can do without scheduling their activities and field services. With the fast-moving world, drawing lines, columns and tables can only hold you back. Field Service Management has a system that creates real-time automated schedules and alerts, to increase the efficiency of your business. This helps save time, sweat and the fear of forgetting your work orders. With this module, small businesses dispatch orders with confidence and responsibility. Scheduling can be done by dragging and dropping the work order on the calendar.  It is followed by dispatching the asisgned technicians on time with the necessary information and equipment for the field.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Teamwork increases productivity, efficiency and pragmatic results. Field Service Management can contribute to doubling this result by improving the link between business owners, staffs and customers.  Field Service Management software allows technicians and team leaders to keep track of their locations, work orders and responsibilities. Team management also promotes the progress of team work by tracking their working hours and paying accordingly, setting team building activities, and ensuring they are not overbooked by having an update of their schedules on the calendar.

Traffic Control Industry Team Manage

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3. Cloud-Based

The major support for a business is its data. Having all the data stored in one place and accessible at any time and anywhere is the most comfortable support for any small or big business. Field Service Management Software do that best. They hold on to information and provide the required details when necessary. This helps avoid looking through files, shelves and folders to find information on a product or client. All customer information, work history and details are secure in the integrated cloud environment, one of the highest leap in technology advancements. The cloud feature also enables technicians and managers to view the same file at the same time from different locations. This encrypted medium helps connect the field and the office in real time.

4.  Invoices

It’s not just about scheduling and drafting but also creating genuine bills and receiving proper payments. It is important for a small and growing business to be careful about their incomes and expenditures and Field Service Management Software has it covered. Field Promax, a dynamic field service management software is Integrated with QuickBooks allowing its technicians to create invoices right from the field.
This also makes sure that the customer signs and pays immediately through the online portal or by cash making businesses run smoother. Once the job completion is notified, so is the creation of the invoice and the transaction of payment.


At the end of the day, a business can stand only on the support and love of its customers. Field Service Management encourages and upholds those who put their customers first. This is not just our belief but more than 70% of the field service management organisations agree that customer satisfaction is the primary benefit provided by the field service management (FSM) software. Customers can create work orders, customise their schedule, track their technician, get support 24/7 and much more with the FSM software making it simpler for businesses to gain income. The software’s integration features also allow businesses to get readily available customer information and provide effective services.

Manage Customer

With Service Business Scheduling Software, businesses can attain heights from the comforts of their office chair. It leverages and guarantees 100% satisfaction through its services, increased productivity and customer retention. And with all its integrated modules like IoT, AI, cloud-based portal and more, businesses don’t even have to look back or worry. We believe in nurturing small businesses to cross boundaries, soar high and be happy.

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