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5 Property Management Software for Small Businesses you can’t resist

Property Management

When you’re an upcoming and growing Property Management Maintenance Business, various sectors can be hectic and time-consuming. Everything within the business requires time, patience, and extra caution. Most property management businesses prefer efficiency and productivity in the field more than any other business-boosting factors. This brings us to the introduction of the property management software, also called property field service software. 

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Many small and growing businesses prefer to use software to minimize the tension and extra-human labor. It provides features that can help ease the field service and maintain the decorum of the business with minimal effort. It is a convenient tool to enhance your efficiency on the field and amongst your tenants or customers.

Property Field Service Software is AI-driven and SaaS-based software that helps landlords, real estate agents, home maintenance industries, property owners, and other businesses that deal with properties manage their data, customers, property, and everything within. It helps streamline their work orders, send reminders before dispatching, organize their technician’s schedules, and regularly track their progress.

Why Property Management

The software tends to make fieldwork easier for technicians and managers in the office. It connects the two spaces and makes information travel simpler. The software keeps owners and users on the same page, updated, and synchronized.

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Features of the Property Field Service Software

Different Property Management Software comprises various features that enhance the potential and efficiency of the business. It helps customize and personalize your small or medium-sized business to reciprocate the required revenue in due time.

  • Invoices and Estimates: The software helps create estimates on customer service requests. Once the customers approve them via email or the app, the work order is generated. Invoices are created on completion of the work order right from the field. The equipment tracking and information, technician profile, images of the work done, and the working hours are also added to the invoice for record purposes. These accurate invoices help customers be aware of what they are paying for and elucidate the transparency of the company. It is beneficial for property maintenance companies like cleaning, janitorial, lawn service, etc.
  • Schedules and Dispatches: These features come in handy for a startup property management business every single day. Users can easily drag and drop the scheduled work order on the calendar and the assigned technician or realtor in charge of the job. The software also provides all the required information regarding the customer and the assigned work order. This helps ease the communication and avoid misunderstandings, overbooking, and stressing the employees.

Schedule and Dispatch

  • Calendar views: This is one of the most important features of property management software. It allows technicians to view their everyday schedule, assignments, and pending work orders. Users can view the calendar based on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Syncing the calendar to the mobile phone helps send reminders and notifications.


  • Mobile app: The Mobile App for Field Technicians helps connect the field and the office in terms of tracking technicians at work, sending invoices, transferring reports, creating schedules, etc. The mobile app also helps communicate with tenants and assist them with their queries when running to another task. It helps officials be efficient off the work site too.
  • Reports & Dashboard: With this feature within the property management software, you can easily track and monitor the progress of your business, employees, and field service. It provides charts on the performance rate in the market and within the company based on day, week, month, and year. It helps you stay on track, alter your management and strive towards becoming the best.

Property Management Software you can’t resist

1. Field Promax

Field Promax Property Software

This property management software helps organize, streamline and manage all your tenant’s information, payment dues, maintenance requests, and other work orders within a few swipes. Its mobile app helps you receive reminders on your property work orders like completion, remaining, or scheduled tasks. Field Promax ensures that all your property services are customizable and accessible to authorized personnel from anywhere and at any time. For a startup property field service business, Field Promax provides exclusive features including technician tracking, customer and product information from QuickBooks, easy invoice and estimate generation, and quick expansion of your business.


This facilities management enhances operational performances to the maximum. It provides features like lease accounting, capital project management, automated approvals and services, energy management, and more. IMB TRIRIGA assists project activities and helps manage workplace configuration, and updates all data to the cloud. This software focuses more on the official works of the property management business, ensuring that all the processes function smoothly and with ultimate ease.

3. AppFolio

The web-based software helps comprise all sectors of property management within one platform. From residential to commercial rentals to student housings, it offers listings, tenant screening, maintenance details, and other information customers may require. Property managers can use this software to update their tenant information with their lease agreement, rent payments, fees, and other service requests. Its unique accounting system helps keep tabs on the payment dues and charges.

4. Propertyware

This real estate management system helps organize and streamline rental property orders, whether vacation, residential or airbnbs. It majorly focuses on small spaces.  It also ensures resident screening for safety and security purposes. It supports the management of the marketing, accounting and maintenance services for the properties as well. They provide asset protections options for paid add-on subscription plans.

5. TenantCloud

This advanced property management software provides unlimited property listings based on customers’ preferences and requirements. It has its tenant portals which allow customers to monitor their dues, files, communicate with property owners, and send service requests. The software is available in mobile app form for both iOS and Android devices giving it mobility. It offers vendor management, website management, and inspection support for property owners. It also helps track maintenance technicians on the field and manages work orders with zero errors.

Each of these property management software has different features to offer. While some help connect the field and the owners in all aspects, some focus on the payments and listings while others manage the property details and customer database. They are the highly demanded property management software within their service field and are suitable for small and growing businesses. The property management software aims to minimize manual efforts and ease the property and maintenance processes. It helps deal with technicians, customers, owners, and even third parties.

We hope this blog has helped you understand what you are looking for in property management software and which one suits you best.

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