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Top 5 Fence Software for Your Business in 2023

fencing business

Planning to start a fencing business?

You may have what it takes to start a fencing business if you enjoy working outdoors and putting your construction skills to use by constructing functional and attractive fences. It is one of the sub-industries within the construction sector.

According to the market experts, the fencing industry generates $6 billion annually through the services of more than 21,000 enterprises and nearly 41,000 workers. This is due to the increase in residential construction and the growing demand for fencing for security, visual appeal, and increased property value. In fact, the upsurge in construction and remodeling business has led to a 7 percent annual increase in revenue over the past couple of years.

Given the steady growth, it can be safely assumed that this is a profitable business idea at this point. However, the market competition keeps increasing as the opportunities grow. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a fencing business or already run one, you must secure some competitive advantage for your business.

In today’s digital environment, software solutions are the best competitive advantage you can have for your business. For the fencing business, there are also plenty of software programs available. But the most effective software for your business would be a fence software system for business management.

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Fence workers can benefit from a variety of software options. For example, the fence design software system helps fencing contractors and customers visualize the final product. The majority of fence design software allows users to create 2D or 3D renderings of the project area as well as select from an array of fencing materials, styles, and shades. Certain fence design software includes landscaping components as well.

Fencing contractors can also greatly benefit from CRM software systems. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an umbrella term for any software system that, as its name implies, helps organizations manage their customer relationships. By integrating customer data, interactions, and past purchases in a single location, CRMs are among the best software solutions for fence companies seeking to stay on top of each customer’s demands.

The most popular software solution among fencing business owners, however, is scheduling and fence estimate software. This kind of fence software allows you to:

  • Determine the cost of materials and labor
  • Create quotes and estimates
  • Schedule and dispatch field personnel
  • Manage inventory
  • Track equipment
  • Generate invoices
  • Track employee time
  • Collect payments from a single system

The majority of the leading fencing software is cloud-based, allowing team members to access useful data right from their mobile devices. This allows you to reduce paper documentation, save overhead costs and time on unnecessary meetings and phone calls with your employees, and view real-time updates on each task.

If you are looking for some effective tips on how to grow a fencing business, the first thing you need is a fence estimate software. Evidently, this is going to be your biggest competitive advantage to stay ahead in the race.

With that being said, which fence estimate software will be your best bet?

In this guide, you’ll find the most promising fence software available right now. Keep reading to learn the top five best pieces of software for fence businesses on the market today.

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Choose Field Promax if you are searching for a comprehensive automation solution for your fencing business. It provides the most efficient and robust cloud-based platform packed with indispensible capabilities and features, including the most effective and extensive estimating system currently available on the market.

In addition, Field Promax provides you with a customized link that you can position on your website so that customers can directly request quotes from you. This remarkable digital solution features additional intriguing features. Using this specialized fence estimate software, you can, for instance, have your estimates approved online and even convert an approved estimate instantly into a work order.

There is more. Field Promax also includes a comprehensive fence estimator app, a user-friendly scheduling and dispatching software, and streamlined mobile functionality for creating, editing, and sharing estimates. Field Promax also offers seamless QuickBooks integration. This means that once the task is complete, you can automatically produce invoices based on the details provided in your estimate.

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2. JobNimbus


Next on this list of the top software for fence companies is JobNimbus. It is a work order management solution that caters to numerous home service businesses, including roofing installers, landscapers, and, of course, fencing contractor businesses.

JobNimbus’ extensive list of online tool integrations, including accounting software QuickBooks, sales app SalesRabbit, and contractor photo app CompanyCam, is one of its finest features. With JobNimbus, you are able to:

  • Create, edit, and save templates to expedite the estimation of projects.
  • Track all of your tasks using a flexible and user-friendly platform.
  • Send images of job sites and job progress immediately to customers and colleagues.
  • Always monitor the schedules and locations of your field personnel.


fieldedge alternative software

STACK is software designed for general contractors, subcontractors, fencers, manufacturers, suppliers, as well as home builders. The cloud-based system helps construction and fencing companies reduce expenses and foster greater teamwork. Among its additional benefits are:

  • Organizing project plans, specifications, and other documents in one location.
  • With takeoff templates, features, and tools that automate repetitive tasks in the process, time can be saved during the cost estimation phase.
  • Customize proposals to meet the requirements of your business and use predesigned templates to win deals more quickly.
  • Allowing team members to access all required plans and documents from the office, their homes, or the job site.

4. Houzz Pro


Houzz Pro is a project and customer management program designed for interior designers, general contractors, architects, and specialty contractors, such as fence builders.

Houzz Pro provides users with the tools to construct and maintain their own websites, develop targeted advertising campaigns, and more. Thus, it provides business owners and managers a marketing advantage over most other best fence software solutions. If you are eager to learn how to start a fence company, this is the tool you should consider investing in.

With Houzz Pro, you can:

  • Quickly create templates and send out job estimates.
  • Utilize a project management tool to monitor projects, customer information, and team schedules.
  • Manage assignments and access all pertinent data via your mobile device.
  • Connect with robust external tools, such as Zoom and QuickBooks Online.

5. Pro DBX


Pro DBX is a cloud-based software system designed specifically for the construction industry. Pro DBX enables you to create industry-specific software packages, whereas other companies offer generic software that is applicable across multiple industries. This leading contender for top fence estimating software enables users to:

  • Design custom sets that sales representatives may put together for quicker and more efficient quoting.
  • Automate work order assignments and real-time project information updates.
  • Enable managers and crew members to view and submit commissions, project updates, and photographs taken on-site.
  • Provide clients with a customer portal where they can view before-and-after images and track project progress.

Wrapping Up

repairs and renovations

As a growing number of homeowners resume repairs and renovations, you must ensure that your fencing company can manage the anticipated influx of inquiries. You can boost your efficiency and acquire more clients than ever before with effective fencing management software.

If you are looking for a complete fencing estimation solution that gives you the best value for your money, check out Field Promax. Along with the best estimation tool, it offers you a 360-degree solution for all your business automation needs, including scheduling and dispatching, work order management, customer management, field team tracking, performance metrics and analytics, an integrated mobile app for field technicians, equipment tracking, invoicing, and more.

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Using Fencing Software elevates all levels of your business. Operate more efficiently by reducing the time spent quoting and installing, as well as digitizing your workflow. Fencing Software can bring your business to the next level.

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