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Your Alarm Installation Business needs these 5 Field Service Software Features

Alarm Installation Business

From the customer premises to the office desk, the alarm installation industry can be a hectic field at times. Managing the fieldwork, the technicians on the premises and the official records are as important as running a business. However, these tasks can be a little hard to manage manually by the technicians because of the intense information and details they need to cover. Alarm Installation technicians work hard to ensure security and safety for their customers, and we have the solution to ensure security for their jobs and payments.

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A Field Service Software helps the alarm installation industry make sure all their work orders, field professionals and documents follow the standard pattern without glitches or errors. The use of security alarm software can help companies streamline their customer requests, generate invoices, and build the business with essential help and guidance. Setting up, fixing and managing security alarms within commercial or residential spaces requires proper planning, authorization, proofs and validation. Alarm installation professionals can easily sort through these essentials with the help of the software. Field Promax one of the exuberant Field Service Management Software has exclusive features for your business and your employees to work at ease and increase productivity.

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1. Bills: An essential factor that allows companies to expand is their increased revenue. Businesses need to receive what they invest, and the Alarm Billing Software has the solution. Organizations can avoid all the late payments and other payment excuses with the software in their hand. They can secure your work order by sending estimates to the customers via email for their approval. On completion of the work order, technicians can generate invoices on the field with all the details from equipment used to the image of the workplace. And to sort the payment excuses, you can now pay with cash, online transactions or scan the code. This instant invoice feature helps with quick payments and record purposes. All your alarm installation service bills are updated and stored in the cloud, which provides authorized access anytime and anywhere.

2. Schedules and Dispatches: The security alarm software helps manage one of the significant functions, i.e. scheduling and dispatching. It makes sure that you assign the eligible and available technicians to the task by avoiding overbooking or double-booking any of them. Schedules and dispatches are made more accessible by dragging and dropping on the calendar, which sends reminders before the scheduled task, appointments and other notifications. The software also updates cancellation of meetings, changes in time or new orders, which allows technicians to be prepared for the upcoming day, week or month. The calendar allows the organization to keep track of their technicians’ work orders.

Scheduling & Dispatching

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3. Tracking: Whether it is on the field or your office or your house, the software has various integrations and support that helps with tracking various aspects like time, location and company progress.

  • Time: Alarm installation work orders can be time-consuming, which can make professionals work extra hours. Having the security alarm software in hand can help track the login and log out time. This option helps increase billable hours and pay technicians according to their hard work. The time cards integrated into the software produce the total working billable hours to the in-charges, which eradicates any form of fraud or malpractices.
  • Location: Running an alarm business also indicates multiple technicians and field professionals. Keeping track of each of them can be difficult without the help of artificial intelligence or software per se. The Field Promax software is integrated with GPS to help monitor and track down technicians on the field during working hours. This helps with finding short routes, avoiding traffic and helping technicians reach the field on time.
  • Dashboard: The software also comes along with features like dashboard and reports. The reports produced each day by various departments in the company residue the dashboard, which allows the company to reflect on their daily, weekly and monthly progress and performances. It provides insights, graphs and charts on every sector of the company from scheduling, technicians, payments and customers. Having a comprehensive perspective and view of the business helps them track down their errors, positives and rectify the necessary problems.

Field Promax Property Software


4. Team Management: If you believe in teamwork, this software is essential. The alarm installation software helps manage all the technicians based on geographical location, abilities and availabilities. This makes it easier to assign tasks and manage their profiles. Teams can communicate with other team members without misunderstandings from within the field or from the field to the office and vice versa on the software. It is easier to track professionals on the field, their progress and their performance rate. Team management features also help make sure that schedules and dispatches are adequately managed to avoid booking a technician back to back. 

Traffic Control Industry Team Manage

5. Mobile App: All of these above-mentioned features would be impossible without a mobile app. It is a more mobilized and accessible version of the website software. It ensures that the organization and its employees can access all the features, documents and data from anywhere, just as the software promises. The mobile app has extra benefits like sending notifications, providing access to the camera to capture images of the field, scanning code for payments and communicating with team leaders and the office immediately. The app is easy to understand, and anyone can master it within ten minutes. The mobile app is a major support for field professionals in the field.

Mobile App View

Field Service management software, otherwise known as alarm installation software, helps the alarm business function extravagantly in the most efficient manner. It eliminates all the manual work and makes multi-tasking seem very simple. The software also helps alarm businesses digitalize their data and services from anywhere. Field Promax has been in the business long enough to assure that these features can help expand your small or medium-sized alarm installation company in no time. Your growth is our goal.

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