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Why Field Promax is the Best Property Management Software for You

Property Management Software

Every day, facilities, building, and property management professionals just like you wake up to a new list of site visits to conduct, maintenance work orders to schedule, assets or equipment to repair, and cost reports to review. Whether you manage a single site, multiple sites, or highly complex sites, it can be challenging to stay organized. Property management business require many workers out in the field such as maintenance teams and estate agents. They all need mobile access to the right data and information while managers need to know their team’s schedules and whereabouts. Without this, productivity and efficiency will suffer. This is why you need an automated property management system, and the most efficient yet cost-effective option for you in this regard is smart field property management software.

With hundreds of software solutions available for property management, it could be a challenging task to choose the one that meets all your requirements perfectly. While some would give you seamless connectivity with your field workers, they might lack the important feature of accounting software integration. On the other hand, even if it features all the necessary integrations, it might not be accessible through a mobile device. The best software for this purpose, for your purpose, is the one that offers you all the features and functionalities in one platform. And that is why Field Promax is the best choice for you.

Field Promax is a smart, cloud-based field service management software that is ideal for a wide array of service delivery operations, including property management. It is an all-in-one digital tool to help you manage your day-to-day service operations as a facility, building, or property management business. From scheduling the right technician via skills tagging to tracking assets in real-time, with Field Promax you can view, access, and manage it all in a single pane of glass. The software efficiently allows organizations to deliver a fully connected field service experience with a single view of your customer data by deriving insights that can help you drive key business processes. That means you can worry less when your teams are out on the field.

Now, let us take a closer look at the incredible features to better understand why this software is arguably the best property management field service software in today’s time and how it helps your business grow.

Facilities, building, and property management service businesses deal with a multitude of varying tasks on any given day. The challenge of managing it all without visibility is at the core of every operations manager’s mind. Field Promax helps you gain a consolidated view across everything in real-time. The software provides you a consolidated platform where you can save and store all your data, including customer database and work order details, and access them through any device whenever you need them. The best part of Field Promax is that it is cloud-based software. This means it saves all the information in the cloud, so you don’t need to manage storage space on your computer. Neither do you have to worry about losing your data ever again. It is all saved in the cloud.

Your data is safe with us. To learn more about our cloud storage, take the FREE TRIAL today.

2. Efficient Work Scheduling System


With access to all your customer and technicians’ data, you can schedule your appointments most efficiently with this intelligent digital tool. No more mix-ups, no more double bookings, no more missed appointments ever again. Besides, it’s challenging to schedule work as resource-efficiently as possible if you don’t have access to the right information at the right time. For example, things such as resource availability, skillsets, and upcoming appointments. Field Promax gives you that visibility and scalability into your business processes. With this tool, you can:

  • Improve cost efficiency as you can assign the nearest team member to the required property, saving on miles traveled and decreasing costs of fuel
  • Provide faster response times as you will know which field team members are available at any given time
  • Achieve higher first-time fix rates as you will assign the field team member with the right skills for the job
  • Improve customer experience and overall satisfaction

3. Comprehensive Calendar Views


With multiple custom requests and property orders, keeping track of them can be tiring and time-consuming. Leave it to Field Promax! With our customizable calendar view, you can schedule your orders conveniently and be notified at the time of dispatching. You can assign the right property technician to complete the task and highlight it with different colors for identification. The calendar view can be aligned based on day, week, or month according to your requirements. By permitting the Field Promax mobile app to send notifications, you can be notified when it is time for meetings, cancellation of appointments, changes in schedules, and much more. You can also be reminded about the time for collecting rent, renewing contracts, and other important dates on the Field Promax calendar. With this amazing feature, you can:

  • View your appointments, meetings, and schedules in one place
  • Be aware of team assignments and activities
  • Never miss any of your work orders

4.Tenant Management and Navigation

Tenant management

With multiple custom requests and property orders, keeping track of them can be tiring and time-consuming. Leave it to Field If you are in charge of properties spread across diverse and varied locations, this feature can serve you well. Field Promax is integrated with GPS features to provide you with the direction to your destination, direct customers, and do business effectively. Find new properties that you can manage, maintain punctual communication with owners, and make the perfect bridge with customers using the Field Promax customer management feature. Tenant management involves screening and analyzing tenants, providing a property tour, describing the contract, and guiding them through the entire property purchase or lease.

  • Guide your tenants and prove yourself to be the best in the industry with Field Promax.
  • traffic more minor and short routes to your destinations.
  • Provide properties based on customer’s requirements

Enjoy the very best property management features with Field Promax. Contact us for a FREE DEMO.

5. Improved Invoicing and Payment Management

Payment options

Without up-to-date property management software, efficiently managing your invoicing and payment processes can be challenging. Slow processes can result in slow payments, no immediate visibility, missed payments, and a general lack of transparency – and these could become a serious problem.

To your advantage, Field Promax supports QuickBooks online integration as well as desktop feature. Leveraging the two-way synchronization with the leading accounting software, you can create and share invoices directly with your customers with just a few clicks on your computer/smartphone. Moreover, your mobile teams can access this information anywhere and take payments on site. This mitigates the issues of slow or missed invoices and will help in other areas such as cash flow, customer satisfaction, and the field team themselves.

6. Seamless Mobile Access

With the rapid growth of smartphone usage, it has become almost compulsory that the software for field service you are using gives you mobile access to the database and features. This is what makes Field Promax stand out. Not only it does provide you access through a smartphone or tabs, but it also offers an integrated mobile app for field service technicians. With the Field Promax mobile app, technicians can view their schedules, connect with both customers and the office, access customer information, and job details, generate invoices, access the contract, add items to the invoice, share images as proof of job status, and collect digital signature to approve the invoice and get paid in the field.

Before We Wrap Up

With Field Promax centralizing your data, you will no longer need to manage and analyze it across disparate platforms. This is key to implementing automation and integration capabilities across apps, processes, and systems to drive better business growth. So, if you are looking for the most efficient property management software compatible with QuickBooks, look no further. Choose Field Promax to get all the necessary features and functionalities in one place, that too at a pocket-friendly budget and with the assurance of 24×7 customer support.

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