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The Best Road Maintenance Management Software for You in 2023

road maintenance management software

Road construction projects are typically large-scale. Apart from the actual construction work, the projects involve a number of administrative and backend jobs. Designing, making proposals, accurate cost estimation, scheduling and dispatching, time-tracking, team collaboration, equipment tracking, budgeting, invoicing, and lots of other tasks are needed to be taken care of to get the job done effectively. These jobs require additional management skills.

But if you plan to do it manually, you leave room for serious manual errors and mismanagement. Not to forget, it could be rather time-consuming as well. So, if you want to make the whole process more efficient and less time-taking, you must resort to digital tools. For road construction and maintenance, however, there is no better tool than road maintenance management software.

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Road Construction Management Software is essentially a web and cloud-based business management application designed to streamline the operation of road construction projects on their respective construction sites. It is packed with a wide range of invaluable features. For example, road maintenance software enables business managers to access all project-related data from a centralized dashboard. Furthermore, it automates daily backend tasks such as scheduling and dispatching, time-tracking, reporting, equipment tracking, estimate generation, invoicing and so on. The smart digital tool effectively helps in team coordination, accurate cost estimation, resource optimization, as well as cutting overhead costs.

Given the manifold advantages of road maintenance management system software, it is safe to claim that it is a tool that notably simplifies the arduous tasks of managing a large-scale road construction project. In this age of digital transformation, when every business is leveraging digital technology to boost their efficiency and productivity, road maintenance management software has gained immense popularity among small, medium, and large road maintenance companies across the globe. As such, it has become a must-have tool for anyone seeking business growth. 

If you think these tools are only for large companies, you could not be more wrong. Road maintenance software solutions can add more efficiency, productivity, transparency, and scalability to the processes of small construction companies. As a result, it is now seen as the most important tool for any road maintenance business that wants to be more productive and profitable. If you are yet to invest in one, now is the time. Here are the best road maintenance management software solutions for you to choose from.

field promax blog

Field Promax is a cloud-based field service management software solution designed specifically for businesses that provide services. The smart and effective digital tool is praised around the world for its wide range of features and its amazing ability to streamline and standardize business processes. With this remarkable piece of technology, one can effectively and systematically automate the entire business operation of a road maintenance business. Field Promax offers digital solutions for virtually all tasks, such as scheduling dispatching, estimating, monitoring, reporting, and invoicing, among others. Field Promax also features a comprehensive color-coded dashboard, where you can view all the schedules in different modes (daily, monthly, weekly, and user-specific), 

In addition, it includes a mobile application for managers and field technicians. Using the app, technicians can clock in and out, accept or reject work orders, update their job status, notify management of the time spent on a single assignment, add items and parts used on the work order so that they are included in the final invoice, and much more. The app makes remote collaboration for field service management the most organized, efficient, and effective it can be. It does this by connecting field technicians to management operations back at the office through GPS technology.

Field Promax is primarily known for its superior ease of use. Even though the software system is full of advanced features and functions, it has almost no learning curve. Also, you don’t have to buy expensive hardware or install complicated software to use Field Promax on your desktop computer or smartphone. Moreover, it has possibly the widest range of customization options to meet your specific business needs. No wonder it has been chosen as the #1 road maintenance management software by businesses everywhere.

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2. FieldEdge


FieldEdge is an efficient road asset management system for businesses that require additional customer management assistance. Users can view agreements, quotes, invoices, equipment, and work order histories through the customer management feature of FieldEdge. It provides a comprehensive overview of each customer and completed jobs.

The system enables users to share images with customers in order to better explain maintenance-related issues. By attaching images to a work order, customers receive a comprehensive overview of the project and the maintenance work required to get the job done. Photographs taken over time also assist customers in comprehending how a problem has worsened. In addition, each piece of equipment’s complete history is provided.

3. eWorkOrders


eWorkOrders is a highly regarded road maintenance project management software suite that provides complete resource management for businesses. The platform can be utilized to monitor the entire asset lifecycle, assign work orders, and manage vendor relationships. The user-friendly service request interface that makes it simple for anyone to submit maintenance requests is one of eWorkOrders’ best features.

eWorkOrders is best known for its streamlined data import, labor and time-tracking, and materials management features.

4. JobProgress


The next popular road maintenance software on our list is JobProgress. It can be used anywhere; you can access it through your dashboard or mobile app. Therefore, it is designed for use both on and off the field. 

Although JobProgress is still technically a construction management software system, it is primarily a productivity tool. Contractors can literally measure the performance of a job site as well as track and monitor its development. It offers several efficient features, like custom workflows, scheduling and dispatching tools, cloud storage, and automated estimates, among other things. Overall, it is a good choice for businesses looking to automate and simplify road maintenance projects.

5. Procore


The last, but not least, selection on our list is Procore. It is a great road traffic safety management system that enables collaboration and project management with streamlined workflows and centralized information databases organized by projects. Key players have access to information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as the most recent versions. 

Additionally, the entire history log is captured and displayed. For the timely completion of a project, you can determine whether RFIs are overdue, completed, or approaching soon. Once on-site, you can record everything that must be reported back to the office using a site diary. With both plans, you will also have access to an online directory, task management, and reports.

Final Words

road management system

When searching for a good road maintenance management software system, keep an eye out for the following aspects and features

  • Ease of use: It is simple to install and provides an intuitive user interface.
  • Customizability: The software is adaptable to your team structures.
  • Work order management: It enables you to plan, schedule, and monitor the progress of your construction projects.
  • Resource optimization: You are able to allocate your personnel, equipment, and materials.
  • Budget management: You can track and manage project expenses.
  • Remote collaboration: Collaboration tools allow you and your construction crews to share information and communicate.
  • Reporting: You can generate reports for all system-managed data.
  • Price: It is affordable and within your budget.
  • Support: It comes with excellent customer support to assist you with any issues.

If you want all of these features on one single platform, you should go for Field Promax. It is the best road maintenance software tailored with the best possible features with a wide range of customization options. Besides, it offers various pricing plans to fit any budget.

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Road Construction Management Software is essentially a web and cloud-based business management application designed to streamline the operation of road construction projects on their respective construction sites.

Road maintenance is defined as preserving and keeping the serviceable conditions of a highway as normal as possible and practicable. The main objectives of road maintenance personnel are the allocation of available maintenance resources according to actual needs and priorities.

Road maintenance software helps in accurate cost estimation, report generation, processes of planning, coordination, control over construction project implementation, proposal generation, team collaboration, daily wages, labor, daily anonymous attendance for regular labor attendance, file sharing, communication, task scheduling, and more.

  • Periodic Maintenance / Routine Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance.
  • Emergency Maintenance / Remedial Maintenance.
  • Reactive Maintenance.