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HVAC Technician Essentials: 5 Must have features for the HVAC Field Service

HVAC Technicians

If you’re a new technician or an experienced professional in the HVAC field, there are certain tools that can help you increase your productivity. The HVAC Industry keeps booming with work orders and customer requests throughout the year and are in essential need of certain tools and essentials that can help get the job done faster and more efficiently. To get the work done and to do it efficiently, the HVAC industry has various tools and equipment that get the job done. However, this blog focuses on the technical aspect of the HVAC technician’s essentials.

Along with these mechanical tools there are various essentials that help the HVAC industry with the smooth running of their business. The suspense is over… the HVAC Technician Essentials we are talking about are the HVAC Management Software features. The software comes with various features and functionalities that can help increase the velocity of your efficiency and motivate your existing productivity. They help with connecting the front end field work as well as the back end office works at the same time.

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1. Scheduling and Dispatching

2. Mobile app

3. Bills

4. Tracking

5. Reports and Dashboard

Now let us get into the details.

  • Scheduling and Dispatching

    This feature is a basic resource that comes with all the management software. But with Field Promax, a HVAC service scheduling software you have extra benefits like being able to drag and drop the scheduled work order on the calendar along with the assigned technician. You can also attach the dispatch details and customer information for the technician’s reference and a better understanding of the work order. This helps with organizing all the work orders prior to last minute tension and stress. It also provides an insight of all the assigned technicians which can help avoid overbooking, rebooking or any confusions regarding the allotment of fieldwork.

Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Mobile App

    The HVAC field software is the most essential when the technicians are on the field and have to complete certain tasks like creating bills, filling forms, equipment history or getting customer approval. To make these manual works more digitized and quicker, the HVAC Field Management App is the most convenient resort. It helps with generating invoices on the field on completion of work orders, adding pictures of the before and after of the fieldwork, communicating with superiors off the field, tracking working hours etc. The mobile app is a xerox substitute of the website software and increases the mobility of the software itself.

Mobile App View

  • Bills

    One of the major functions of the HVAC business or any business for that matter is the creation of bills and getting paid right. Though creating bills may look simple and ordinary, the HVAC business invoicing software gives its users more privileges like adding images to the bills, including equipment information, getting digital signatures from clients and updating it all on cloud at the same time to be accessed from the office in real time. The HVAC Business Invoicing Software also sends estimates through email to customers for their approval before creating the work order. It helps sustain the authenticity of the organization and keep a record of everything for future references.
  • Tracking

    Another feature the HVAC Management Software provides is the option to view your technician’s location on the field or on the way to the field. It helps find easy routes and the estimated time of travel to plan the dispatch ahead of time and be punctual. The software also tracks the working hours of the technicians by calculating the starting and ending timings to increase billable hours if they’ve exceeded the initial working limits. The organization can track the location of their equipment with the help of previous field reports or invoices. The software provides the source to track your equipment by searching the tools you require and getting the entire update of who used it, when and where etc.

Time tracking on field service app

  • Reports and Dashboards

    This is a very important feature provided by the HVAC Business Software. It provides all the necessary information about different sections of the company like scheduling, dispatching, technicians, invoices, work orders etc. It gives the organization an analysis of its daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress and performance. The software arranges all the data from the regular reports and puts them into graphs and charts on the dashboard for a better and clear understanding of the company’s journey.

Reports and Dashboard

These five essentials are a part of a bigger picture the HVAC Business Software provides. It ensures that every HVAC business software has a speedy growth and well managed office space. The digital office helps the business keep track of everything from various locations and time zones. Field Promax has helped various HVAC companies extend their services to influential clients and increase their efficiency to extremes. Now it’s your turn!

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