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How to Efficiently Manage an Electrical Service Company by Transforming Yourself From A Disorganized To An Organized Boss?

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If you are a responsible electrical service business, then your prime focus is probably on providing premium quality services to your clients that need their appliances and electrical systems either fixed or installed. But despite all your sincerity and hard work, you might end up underperforming concerning profit-making. What could be the reason? Let’s try to find out.

Merely in-depth knowledge in the field of electrical service doesn’t mean you can be a successful businessman. Even Thomas Edison was an amazing electrical engineer; he couldn’t show his brilliance in the field of business. What can be the reason? Well, he spent a lot of time on his inventions and ignored business activities. And so that he could focus more on his research work, he handed his power of attorney to a man he could trust. This man proved to be a better businessman and helped Edison grow his business.

So, what do you learn from the story?

Well, you learn two important lessons from it. First, a business can face a huge setback with a disorganized boss at the helm of affairs. Secondly, this disorganized boss is not necessarily the most worthless person in the world. He could be the aspiration of a lot of people. He might lack that administrative streak.

Good Management is at the heart of Every Business Growth Story

A business can never scale dizzy heights with a single person’s skills. It needs a lot of different people having expertise in different fields to support it. When it comes to a successful electrical service business, technical knowledge is something that you cannot ignore. You also need people who have good entrepreneurial skills. Further, companies that are slowly transitioning from one phase to other invariably need skilled people at the managerial level apart from a competent technical support team in place.

And when we talk about people at the administrative level, we do attach a great deal of importance to the boss. After all, a disorganized boss could prove detrimental to the health of a business. Now, let’s discuss a few attributes of a disorganized boss which could stand as an obstacle in the way of a company’s success.

A disorganized boss takes Storing and Managing data Casually

Everything needs to be systematically registered and placed in one location. And when we say everything, we mean everything starting from customer details and jobs to appointments.

When the information is all over the place, it is inaccessible when it is needed the most. As a result, looking for or a particular piece of data might become a chore, in times of urgency. Also, you waste a lot of your energy and time. Is that all? No, such irresponsible activities might also cause your business to lose money. And that is why anything you do for your company’s data storing and management can never be too much.

This is worth noting that tools like electrical contractor scheduling software and Electrical Work Order Software helps immensely in data management.

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A Disorganized boss is unreasonably Bossy

A disorganized boss will always desire to have everything under their control, even when it is not necessary. A nice boss would behave like they are one among their team. And they will do everything in their capacity to make sure their team is not overloaded with work. They will try to prevent this overloading by streamlining work and scheduling everything that needs to be done.

A disorganized boss, on the other hand, will not undertake communication effectively and will create chaos in their team. They usually behave arrogantly and hate it when problems surface. Two things happen when a company has such a boss. First, work remains undone. Secondly, whatever work gets done, it stays half-baked. A team under a disorganized boss is likely to underperform. Employees also hesitate to approach the boss for work-related problems as they always carry that air of bossiness around them.

A disorganized boss prefers sticking to old ways of working. Perhaps, an organized boss will always take help of technological innovations such as the field service software for electrical contractors to prevent chaos for servicing sessions. Mostly, an organized boss knows that micromanagement is at the heart of a smooth-running business.

A Disorganized Boss Encourages Quick Fixes

A disorganized boss might rely on quick fixes rather than putting in efforts to correct the process which has gone wrong. When company bosses are into quick fixes, it becomes very difficult for employees to understand problems.

Sporting a problem and understanding it part by part are two entirely different things. While anyone can spot a problem, only the curious can break it fragment by fragment to have a thorough understanding of it. Interestingly, spotting a problem doesn’t help in finding its solution, only understanding it, does.

A well-organized boss always focuses on the greater picture. The boss tends to redesign work processes when they find flaws in them. This encourages employees to follow a similar pattern of addressing problems related to work with greater productivity.

Let’s take an example here for better understanding. When an organized boss sees that their company is not receiving as many service orders as it should have received (considering the high quality of their service), they don’t blame their fate. Rather, they put something like electrical service work order software in place and monitor the inflow of orders post procurement. A disorganized boss might not feel the necessity to go to that extent..


So, the bottom line is that a company managed by a disorganized boss can never grow to the desired size. Also, at such a poorly managed workplace, a culture of blaming one another develops. People at the administrative level pass the buck, blaming the people on field. Therefore, the field people blame the administration for the poor performance of their company. This forms a cycle which ceases to stop.

And that is why if you own an electrical service business, then you should avoid the mistakes disorganized bosses make. And is it possible for a disorganized boss to transform into an organized boss? The answer is ‘yes’! All you need is an eye for your own mistakes and the desire to correct them.

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