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Flagger Service Software

A flagger is responsible for keeping the area under control, working with their customers smoothly, and providing convenient movement for people on the road. Flaggers coordinate with fellow team members, construction site workers, and their leaders to control the construction site situations. With endless paperwork, documents, monitoring the traffic, coordinating with team members, and getting paid on time, the flagging industry needs field service management software to watch all these activities to have a more regulating grip over the field. Flaggers are usually found in construction sites and sometimes in areas where crowds need to be kept under control and from hindering the traffic or other hazardous performances. However, as flaggers work on the field, maintaining the back office functionalities like generating invoices, scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking of the site and about at the same time can be challenging. Field Promax is equipped with all the necessary features to make field servicing much easier and less time-consuming. It provides resources to handle the flagger crews which is prone to high turnover rates by enabling the team leader to manage all of the functions while the flaggers have to just do their job.


Mobile App

The flagger profession is used to working on the field that managing timely records can be a hassle. The Field Promax mobile app helps to solve this kind of problems and other field service barriers within a few clicks. The mobile app allows crew leaders to upload files and generate bills on the field. It also helps find locations and navigate traffic with the integrated GPS features. The mobile is easy to use and can be mastered within ten minutes which constitutes easy field service management for the lead flaggers.

  • Generate quick invoices from the field.
  • Manage all your data digitally and access it from anywhere
  • Get timely reminders and notifications about your work orders
Recurrent orders
Quickbooks Integration

QuickBooks integration

With QuickBooks, the flagging industry can quickly expand its customer base. Its two-way sync with Field Promax also increased customer information, customer service, and account management. The flagging industry can maintain all their bookkeeping, accountancy, and financial budgeting up-to-date with QuickBooks features. They make sure your company’s economic growth goes higher with time. The software also prevents manual errors in calculations and countings, thereby providing accurate numbers and prices for your company. Flaggers can use it without prior knowledge in accountancy too.

  • Increase customer database
  • Keep your accounts and financial records straight
  • Manage your bookkeeping updated.

Time Tracking

Time is precious, and every minute spent out of your pocket needs to be valued and appreciated. The flagger community is prone to spending extra time on the field due to excess traffic or extended construction works. Field Promax has a feature to track the working hours that need to be paid for the extra work done by the flaggers. With time cards, the business can monitor the working hours that is updated by the lead flagger. Field Promax makes sure these hard workers who work under the scorching sun are paid equally and deservingly.

  • Have a track of your team’s working hours
  • Get paid for extra working hours with ease
  • Work hard, earn more with time.
Time tracking on field service app
Time Tracking for Flaggers

Mobile App

The flagging industry is known for its teamwork and coordination. Flaggers are spread across the field to manage the high number of vehicles, the working site full of workers, and the pedestrians on the road. Hence, Field Promax offers team management features for more accessible communication, management, and organization. It allows leaders to track the flagger’s performance rate, daily reports, working hours, location and guide them through their actions and locations. With proper communication and arrangements, flaggers can perform well and maintain an orderly environment.

  • Manage your teams irrespective of place and time
  • Communicate efficiently with your teams, customers, and officials
  • Track your progress and performance rate

The flagging industry has efficiently saved ordinary people a lot of time and kept them safe from hazardous situations on the road. Their work is done manually, which is more time-consuming and inefficient. Field Promax carries their workload off their shoulders and makes the on-site and off-site responsibilities lighter and more superficial. With Field Promax, customized particularly for the flagger industry, the team leads can manage the field details digitally and efficiently. ,Digitalize and streamline your flagging business with Field Promax today!