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Emergency Medical response Software

The medical field is an inevitable, undying, and essential industry in the lives of every living being. They sweat day in and out to make sure we are healthy and alive. They make sure that human beings live to their fullest despite every harm, struggle, and deterioration in their health. Every person also requires a helpline or speed dial to contact and receive an immediate response in medical emergencies. It is also essential for medical helpers and professionals to have a medium to stay in touch with their patients and have frequent check-ups on their progress.
The medical work line is a buzzing as ever, and there is no measure to slow it down other than to take a part of their responsibilities on to a different medium like field service management. With treating and consulting patients, medical professionals hardly have the time to breathe or relax because of all the paper filing, scheduling, and appointment management. Field Promax has various features and functionalities within its software that helps synchronize and streamline its back-office and manage the emergency medical services response team.


Mobile App

The Field Promax mobile app is website software that you carry within your convenience. This is a crucial apparatus for the emergency medical services response team and their clients. A health emergency is prone to occur anywhere and anytime, which requires a reliable source to call in time of need. Field Promax mobile app allows both sides to be aware of each other based on location, condition, and other necessities. Patients have genuine medical care provided right from where they are virtually or have the team reach them immediately based on the location. The mobile app also makes other functionalities available, like generating bills, updating files and details, etc.

  • Provide help, information, and guidance at any time and anywhere.
  • Reach patients immediately and connect them with professionals for consultations.
  • Time track all your appointments to charge fairly.
Recurrent orders
Calender View Interface for Alarm Systems

Calendar View

On this SaaS-based software, the calendar view makes all your appointments and meetings convenient. Field Promax serves more or less like a personal assistant that schedules your appointments, to-do lists and sends reminders. By adding all your schedules to the calendar, you can view it based on the day, week or month to have a closer or broader view of your appointments and day/week/month ahead. It helps organize your appointments and prevent over-booking and customer ques. The calendar can also show recurring appointments for patients who chose a progressive check-up.

  • Stay on track with your schedules.
  • Get reminders on new appointments, cancellations, and upcoming meetings.
  • Plan your arrangements and be prepared for emergencies.

Reports and Dashboard

This feature is exclusively maintained on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly basis to track and monitor the progress of the medical response team. This software section reflects the team’s updates about their daily schedules, consultations, results, customer feedback, and payments. The reports provided after every patient meets can constitute to the dashboard as well. You can organize and file all your reports on the cloud for future references and as medical history records for your clients. This helps the Emergency Medical Response team to work more efficiently and provide a better service.

  • Know your progress in one look at the dashboard.
  • Maintain your reports and files.
  • Track your team’s performance rates regularly.
Dispatcher Work

24/7 Support

As mentioned earlier, a medical emergency is inevitable irrespective of place and time. Having a medical response team on the line at all times is essential for patients with health issues. Field Promax allows patients to reach the emergency media response team at any time and alert the medical team of any patient emergencies. The two can connect at any time for queries, virtual or on-call consultations, or emergency bookings for any health concerns through Field Promax. Apart from saving lives, the medical response team can also connect patients to professionals immediately in case of serious issues.

  • Be available for your patients at all times.
  • Provide immediate solutions and health care for patients in need
  • Stay alert in case of emergencies 24/7

Estimates and Invoices

This selfless deed also requires to be paid in abundance with respect and money. To make things easier for both parties, Field Promax helps generate accurate digital invoices on completion of service. This allows patients to pay immediately without delay and the medical response team also to receive their payment without any hassle. Field Promax initially creates the estimates that the customer approves to book the appointment further based on the patient’s prescriptions, appointment hours, and other requirements.

  • Get paid faster, easier, and on time.
  • Get digital invoices for history and report purposes.
  • Get customer approval before scheduling appointments.
Create Estimates

The emergency medical response team is always on the run, ready to face any sort of health adversities. They always make sure that patients are treated and recover well. They also make time out of theirs to be there for patients and provide their full service without fail. Field Promax has various features that help these caregivers have the liberty to work with peace of mind. It manages all their official paperwork, bills, schedules, and organizes everything for them. To increase your patient database and work more efficiently, join Field Promax today.