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Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Management Software

Traffic Management Software

With the advent of modern technology, the world has undergone a massive paradigm shift in the last couple of years. The impact of this transformation has gone way beyond the business ecosystem and touched our day-to-day life. To explain, automation has become an integral tool to make human life easier than ever. And this includes some essential utilities as well, such as healthcare, waste management, and so on. While these are obvious guesses for anyone, some sectors have significantly transformed in these past years. Traffic management is certainly one of them. So. Let us take a look at how this system works, and more importantly, how traffic management software is revolutionizing the field.

In this blog, you would find everything there is to know about this cutting-edge digital tool. From an overview of the software solution and its features to the benefits of traffic software as well as how it works—we will explain it all. But if you want to know more, keep scrolling—for we bring you some secret tricks and tips to choose the best traffic control system software too!

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Traffic Management_

Traffic Management is the organization, arrangement, guidance and control of both stationary and moving traffic, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and all types of vehicles. The process refers to the combination of measures that serve to preserve traffic capacity and improve the security, safety, and reliability of the overall road transport system. These measures make use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), services, and projects in day-to-day operations that impact road network performance. Central to this approach is the development and integration of a set of traffic management measures appropriate to the local and regional requirements – and to achieve this through a planning process that makes use of systems engineering, standardization, documentation, and performance management.

When traffic control systems have been found to reach their limits and where adding capacity or new building of road infrastructure is not feasible, further measures may become necessary. This is when traffic management becomes particularly necessary. The overall aim of traffic management, however, is to provide for the safe, orderly, and efficient movement of persons and goods, to protect and, where possible, enhance the quality of the local environment on and adjacent to traffic facilities.

2. What is Traffic Management Software?


In simple words, traffic management software is a digital tool that automates traffic management. To elucidate, this is a software solution that provides necessary digital aids to agencies tasked with traffic management of a congested area, especially near heavy construction sites.

You may also know this digital tool as a flagger management software. A flagger is responsible for keeping the area under control, working with their customers smoothly, and providing convenient movement for people on the road. Flaggers coordinate with fellow team members, construction site workers, and their leaders to control the construction site situations.

As it is evident from the responsibilities, flagger management requires a large team working hands-on out in the field (or on the road, to be precise). That means, as a manager, you would necessarily require some tools or technologies to maintain communication with your team members, as well as to inform them about their schedules, duties, and the current status of the job location. But if you are following the traditional paper-based method to run your operations, the task becomes complex and dare we say, overwhelming.

Allow us to explain this a bit more. To begin with, every day you need to update your employees on where they need to be present for the day and what the situation is like at the job site. Furthermore, being a field service, the location of the job will change regularly, along with the situation at the job site. Besides, this is one highly dynamic industry with arguably one of the highest employee turnover rates. This means you need to onboard and explain the duties to new employees rather frequently. If you are to inform your employees every day manually, you will spend valuable time in the process. However, if you automate the process and use a digital tool for this purpose, the job gets done with just a few clicks on your computer. This is exactly what this software does for you, and then some! The software has a dedicated GPS-enabled mobile field staff management app that enables you to monitor their location in real-time and plan your tasks accordingly. You can also create and send estimates, share invoices, and do much more with this tool.

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3. How to Choose the Best Traffic Control System Software?

Remember, the trick is to pick the one that makes your life easy!

Managing a flagger team is a critical task. You need to deal with one or more teams, involving several field workers at once. Besides, you need to take into account every last bit of information about the job site as well as the requirements placed by the client. Also, you need to remember that the primary objective of the task is to ensure safety. A small mistake on your part and everything will go down south before you can blink your eyes.

Sounds too much? We know it is. So, you need something that makes the task easier. There are perhaps hundreds of traffic control plan software available, but make sure you go for the one that offers a solution for all your requirements to render the service seamlessly. Choose the one that efficiently automates, standardizes, and streamlines your processes, and provides you all the necessary features and functionalities to manage your flagger team working outside the office, from the office.

So, what features should you look for in your software solution? Here are the must-have ones. Use it as a checklist:

  • Complete access to your employees’ schedule
  • Work order management
  • Scheduling & dispatching
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Estimate Creation
  • Real-time Location Monitoring
  • Time-tracking
  • Mobile Access
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Billing & Invoicing

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4. Field Promax—The Best Flagger Management Software for You

Field service management software Banner

Once you got the checklist, we are guessing your next question would be “Where do I find all these features in one place?” Well, we have the answer as well—simply go for Field Promax. Why? Because it offers every bit of feature mentioned in the checklist, and more. Let’s take a closer look.

Scheduling & Dispatching:

Field Promax is hands-down the best Flagger Force Dispatch App available today. You can see the entire employee database, including their schedule and current location with this tool. Besides, it gives you a comprehensive calendar view to plan your work orders without any mismanagement or miscommunication. Besides, with Field Promax, you can

  • Customize work orders to Fit your needs: Through numerous customizable text boxes and drop-down lists, categorize and organize your work orders to fit your business needs. Create checklists for your technicians so nothing gets missed.
  • Receive service requests from your website: Provide flexibility to your customers to submit a service request right from your website. This is automatically populated into Field Promax for you to dispatch.
  • Send text messages to your customers and technicians: Automatically inform your customers when the field worker is on his/her way to the job. Similarly, notify your technicians via text or email of work orders assigned to them.
  • Auto-generate work orders for recurring work: Recurring work orders not only strengthen long-standing client relations but also generate recurrent monthly income. Field Promax allows you to define your recurrent schedule and recreates work orders accordingly automatically.
  • Create work orders via desktop and mobile: A service business needs mobility to be profitable – you need to be on the field delivering services and gaining customers. Field Promax provides you with the tools to run your business from the office or the field.

Time Tracking


The time tracking feature in Field Promax enables you to track the total billable hours seamlessly. The time cards and real-time location monitoring that every minute spent on the road is taken into account and billed accordingly. The feature allows you to

  • Keep track of your team’s working hours
  • Get paid for extra working hours with ease

Mobile App

Mockups mob

Managing flaggers working from the office can be a real hassle. The Field Promax mobile app helps remove all kinds of field service barriers with just a few clicks. The mobile app allows crew leaders to upload files and generate bills on the field. It also helps find locations and navigate traffic with the integrated GPS features. It also allows the backend office to monitor the real-time location of the flaggers and instruct them accordingly. The mobile is easy to use and can be mastered within ten minutes which constitutes easy field service management for the lead flaggers. With the mobile app, you can

  • Manage all your data digitally and access it from anywhere
  • Clock in and clock out without visiting the office
  • Update current status
  • View your schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Get timely reminders and notifications about your work orders
  • Generate quick invoices from the field and share them with the customer

QuickBooks Integration


Field Promax is integrated with Intuit QuickBooks, the leading accounting software popular across several industries. It offers a two-way sync that gives you increased customer information, improved customer service, and flawless account management. You can carry out all your bookkeeping, accountancy, and financial budgeting operations efficiently—all in one place. The software also prevents manual errors in calculations, thus providing accurate numbers and prices for your company.

To Sum Up

To enhance the flow of vehicles on the road and to offer complete safety to the people, an effective traffic management system is what we need. However, with the continuously developing world and the ever-increasing number of vehicles, the management of road traffic has now become a daunting task. To aid in this, Field Promax offers a fully-fledged Traffic Control management system that has the power to fulfill all the related needs.

If you are responsible for managing hectic traffic near a construction site or a congested road, choose nothing but the best. With Field Promax, you get the best scheduling & dispatching features, a complete calendar overview, dashboard, reports & analytics, QuickBooks online integration, and even a dedicated mobile app for your field teams. So, reach out to us and learn more about how this innovative tool can help you in rendering your services more efficiently and boost your business growth.

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